Block 8, 2020: The Industrial Revolution in Britain , Ec 385, Vibha Kapuria-Foreman & Esther Redmount – taught mainly in London.
Economics as it is practiced today is born out of the Industrial Revolution. We will examine how the thinkers and innovators of the period from the late 18th through the mid-19th century conceptualized what was happening around them and explore the legacies they left behind in the cities and countryside of England. These innovations – intellectual and material – changed forever how we think about the individual, the choices we make, the roles of government and business in society and the very concept of well-being itself.

Students will spend weeks 2-4 in England, based mainly in London. There will be field trips to places of importance to the course both within the city and around London.
We will also build in “free” time for students to do some exploring on their own. The program fee will be $3500 (est). Airfare not included.

Enrollment is limited and by the consent of instructors only. For students to apply for “The Industrial Revolution in Britain, Ec385” a block 8 course, please email Vibha Kapuria-Foreman or Esther Redmount for

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