Come check out this amazing opportunity to connect with people in live size from other states/countries inside a metal container. For more information about the concept click on the following link:…

We are having a trail period to have the Portal (i.e. the container box where you can connect with people from other parts of the world) at Innovation building (232 Cache la Poudre) for this whole week. The following connections will be made throughout this week.

March 27 (Wednesday) @ 3:30 pm :- Connect with Tempe students of international agency and CIVA charter high school about what constitute LEADERSHIP>

March 28 (Thursday) @ 10:00 am:- Interact with people in portals in Puerto Rico with out in house innovation artist in residence. The artist are Senga, Eddy, Joshua and Crow.

March 31 (Sunday) @ 12:15 pm :- Interact with people in portal fro Dallas

If you cannot make it to the times mentioned above please come anyway to Innovation to check out the Portal and learn about it. We are thinking of having this for an extended time frame next year and we would love you input and ideas about it.

If you have any question, reach out to me at

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