by Christopher Brett Bailey


Performed by alum SOEREN WALLS

and directed by ANDREW MANLEY<--->

a motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling, tales of paranoia and young love…a spiraling odyssey of pitch-black humor and nightmarish prose.a prime slice of surrealist trash, an Americana death trip and a dizzying exorcism for a world convinced it is dying.<--->


T H I S F R I D A Y at 8.00pm


Entry Free

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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, at 12:15 in Sacred Grounds, the first Shove Council meeting of this block will be held!

Sparked by the recent events in Christchurch, New Zealand in addition to the national and global political climate surrounding religion, we will be discussing the topic of religious intolerance and violence in our meeting.

As usual, lunch will be provided and please feel free to invite others if you would like!

We hope to see you there!

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The Edith Kirsch Prize

$2,000 for international travel to study Art

All continuing Colorado College students are eligible to apply.

The Kirsch Prize is awarded to a Colorado College student to fund an independent project involving summer travel to study works of art or architecture. All continuing Colorado College students are eligible to apply. The Kirsch Prize may be combined with Venture Grants or other grants.

To enter, submit a proposal with a brief bibliography and relevant images to the Art Department office by March 29, 2019. Explain your interest in the subject and how you will use the prize. Projects should represent intellectual engagement with art history.

The prize will be awarded at Honors Convocation on May 7, 2019.

The Kirsch Prize was established in memory of Edith Kirsch, Professor of Art History at Colorado College from 1982 to 2004.

Questions contact Ruth Kolarik: rkolarik@coloradocollege.edu

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Talk by Victoria Ehrlich, Visiting Professor, Art Department

“Between Nature and Culture: Visualizing a Mythological Hero in Fifteenth-Century Florence”



Professor Ehrlich will discuss how fifteenth-century Florentine artists visualized the realm of virtue by depicting heroes doing battle with monsters. She believes that these figures do not represent the stark contrast between the brutish and the superhumanly virtuous, described by Aristotle, but actually mirrored one another in significant ways. She will point out the congruencies between the heroic and the monstrous as represented in the visual culture of Quattrocento Florence. This approach brings into relief contemporary ideas of virtue as reflected in the ambiguous status of monsters and heroes, while foregrounding the unstable boundary that separated nature from culture in fifteenth-century thought.

More Info:


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AH 200 – Topics in Art History: Turn of the Century Art of London, Paris & Vienna

Artistic and related intellectual, social and cultural developments in three important capitals of Europe circa 1880-1910. We will investigate the impact on art of this age of uncertainty and transition from traditional to modernist points of view, following themes of degeneration and decadence, anxiety and the inner life, and the preoccupation with sexuality, especially androgyny and the fatal woman. The class will examine a number of artists in depth, including Toulouse-Lautrec and Redon in Paris; Klimt and Schiele in Vienna; Burne-Jones and Beardsley in London. We will consider their work in relation to Freud, Schopenhauer, and Oscar Wilde, among others, as well as their repudiation of Victorian morals.

More Info:


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Philosophy 205:


Block 2, Jonathan Lee & Dennis McEnnerney – taught in Paris

Apply now for “French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to the Present,” a block 2 course offered next fall IN PARIS by Jonathan Lee and Dennis McEnnerney, by completing this Qualtrics application form:


This course explores the development of French philosophy from the interwar period to the present. Using the city of Paris as its context, the course examines how dramatic social and political challenges influenced the paths of French philosophical reflection, moving thinkers to question the foundations of knowledge, morals, and politics, leading ultimately to what might be called a “decentered” cosmopolitanism.

Live in one of the best, liveliest neighborhoods of Paris, and study philosophy where it happened and is happening! With field trips to relevant sites in Paris and class visits by contemporary French philosophers.

The program fee will be $3850. Airfare and most meals not included.

Financial aid available for students with demonstrable need who applied for aid for blocks abroad on Summit by March 1st..

Enrollment is limited and by consent of instructors only. Consequently, all interested student must apply in order to to be eligible to enroll.

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The Butler Center invites all identifying LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and faculty to our LGBTQIA+ Community Dinner taking place on Wednesday, April 3rd from 5:00-6:30pm in the Hybl Community Classroom. The purpose of this event is to create space for LGBTQIA+ identified students, staff, and faculty to meaningfully connect and build community over a meal. Any interested students, staff, or faculty may email Noble Gough at ngough@coloradocollege.edu to RSVP. Please be sure to include any dietary restrictions.

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Seniors, would you like the chance to stay in Colorado Springs and work in our office after you graduate? Consider applying for our Civic Leadership Paraprofessional position. You can download and view the job description following the link below. Interviews will be held April 3rd-5th, so candidates should keep those dates available. Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to Jordan Radke at jradke@coloradocollege.edu.

The link: www.coloradocollege.edu/offices/cce/documents/2019-20-Civic-Leadership-Paraprof-Job-Description.doc

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