WHEN: Wednesday, April 24 at 7 pm

WHERE: Cornerstone Celeste Theatre

FREE and no tickets required

Barry Lopez is a recipient of the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Hay Medal, Guggenheim, Lannan, and National Science Foundation fellowships, Pushcart Prizes in fiction and nonfiction, the St. Francis of Assisi Award from DePaul University, and many more literary awards and honors.

Please join us on this day to enjoy the works of Mr. Lopez read by the author himself and to reflect on his life and work in conversation with his longtime friend and editor Mark Bryant.

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Candidate Talk: “Observational Fiction Filmmaking – A Personal Presentation”

When: April 24, 3:30 pm

Where: Cornerstone Screening Room

Fiction filmmaker Gregori Viens is a candidate for the Visiting Assistant Professor position in filmmaking. In this talk, he will discuss and contextualize his work, exploring themes such as writing for satire, finding realism in acting, depicting cultural change in fiction and nonfiction filmmaking, documentary techniques, and independent film financing. The talk will highlight clips from his feature films, including the documentary “Island of Roses” (1995, Smithsonian Institution, Simon Wiesenthal Center), the feature comedy “Punching the Clown” (Slamdance Audience Award 2010), and his latest feature dramatic comedy “Punching Henry” (SxSW 2017, Showtime), starring Henry Phillips, Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, and JK Simmons.

Gregori Viens is a multi-faceted independent filmmaker who holds an MFA from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts. He has taught filmmaking for over a decade at the university level, including at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, and Occidental College.

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As part of the Office of Sustainability, we are working together with the Ditch Disposables group on introducing a Mug Wall at Susie B’s. The idea is to provide everyone the option to choose a reusable mug when purchasing drinks at the CafĂ© in order to reduce the amount of disposable cups thrown away every day at CC.
However, we need your help supporting this initiative! If you would like to see this implemented, please sign our petition:


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SIGN UP NOW! Exploring Our Identities in the Outdoors Overnight Workshop this weekend at Baca!
– Spend time in a relaxing setting exploring the different ways we identify and how and where those identities fit in Outdoor Culture at CC. From gender socialization, to LGBTQIA identities, to creating allyship, to intersectionality we will have open dialogue and create a safe space to understand how we can all fit in the outdoors!
– This trip will not include physical activity!
– Signup on Summit! All are welcome!!

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Celebrate Pride Outside from 3-5pm today on Yampa Field!
– We will have Burgers, Lawn Games and Giveaways!
– Speakers Elyse Rylander and Mike Bortnowski!
– Live music from Parents!
– Spring Gear Sale!
– Wellness Resource Center Photo Booth!
– All are welcome!!

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Philosophy 205:


Block 2, Jonathan Lee & Dennis McEnnerney – taught in Paris

Last change to enroll!

At most, only 1 space is left in “French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to the Present,” a block 2 course offered next fall IN PARIS by Jonathan Lee and Dennis McEnnerney. If you are interested in enrolling, come to a meeting on Thursday, 25 April at 12:15 in Armstrong 324. (Pizza will be served.)

To enhance your possibility of enrolling, complete beforehand this Qualtrics application form:


This course explores the development of French philosophy from the interwar period to the present. Using the city of Paris as its context, the course examines how dramatic social and political challenges influenced the paths of French philosophical reflection, moving thinkers to question the foundations of knowledge, morals, and politics, leading ultimately to what might be called a “decentered” cosmopolitanism.

Live in one of the best, liveliest neighborhoods of Paris, and study philosophy where it happened and is happening! With field trips to relevant sites in Paris and class visits by contemporary French philosophers.

No prerequisites except curiosity. Taught in English.

The program fee will be $3850. Airfare and most meals not included.

Enrollment is limited and by consent of instructors only. Consequently, all interested student must apply in order to to be eligible to enroll.

Questions? Contact Jonathan Lee (mailto:jlee@coloradocollege.edu)or Dennis McEnnerney (mailto:dennismc@coloradocollege.edu).

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