Another CPR class is happening this Sunday, April 7th, from 6-10pm in the ORC!

If you need to get certified in CPR & First Aid, may work as an NSO leader this year, or want to learn how to save a life sign up at the link below:


Please email me if you have any questions @ w_serling@coloradocollege.edu.

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SPEND THE MONTH OF JUNE CREATING AND VALIDATING A SOLUTION TO ONE OF COLORADO SPRINGS’ MOST PRESSING PROBLEMS, FROM BUILDING A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE FROM SCRATCH TO TESTING AN AFFORDABLE HOUSING MODEL FOR SENIORS, LEARN FROM SOME OF OUR REGION’S MOST COMPELLING LEADERS STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTION AND IMPACT. $1000 AWARD INCLUDED WITH ADMISSION. Apply at nam04.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=www.quadcos.org&data=02%7C01%7CStudentDigest%40coloradocollege.edu%7C404261aa02e44780d24008d6b90d7d39%7Ccfc7b13c12964387b3085de08fd13c99%7C1%7C1%7C636899… by April 17th (with rolling admissions).

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Dr. Melina Abdullah will be the first speaker in the Africana Intellectual Project’s Social Justice series which is a component of the Black Art(s): Radical Potentialities Conversations. With a PhD in Political Science from the University of Southern California, Dr. Abdullah is a recognized expert on race, gender, class, and social movements, and she is among the original group of organizers that convened to form Black Lives Matter.

The ambition of the Social Justice series is to broaden the traditional definition of “art,” and to use that expanded territory to examine the potential for various practices to serve as components of a project of radical political, social, and cultural change and exchange. Prof Abdullah is an ideal interlocutor for this work in that we will be in a position to consider protest as a radical “art” practice.

The event will be held at 7:30pm on Monday, April 8 in the Celeste Theatre. The event is free and open to the public.

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Many students know that they should negotiate their salary before accepting a job. But did you know that you can also negotiate your benefits?

Join Executive-in Residence Kyle Samuel ’92, President of M&T Insurance Agency and Senior Vice President of M&T Bank, for “A CC Student’s Guide to Negotiating Total Compensation”. Kyle will discuss all of the soft benefits that companies offer their employees – from health insurance and paid vacation days to student loan repayment – and how you can feel empowered to lobby for the benefits you want.

RSVP on Handshake! Thursday, April 4, 12:15pm in Gates Common Room. Lunch provided.

Don’t know what you want to do with your life? Great. Neither does Stratton Series speaker and inventor Michael White (but he’s “successful” by many accounts).

While it’s okay to have no idea, there are a few things you can do right now to get just a little bit closer to what you’re in it for. Join the Career Center for this workshop, designed to give CC students practical advice on figuring out their next steps, and actions to take to get things rolling in this thing called life.

When? Tuesday, April 9, 12:15pm
McHugh Commons (above The Preserve)
RSVP for lunch!

Re-visiting and re-reading one of the oldest plays in the world EVERYMAN in a fabulous new version by the British Poet Laureate CAROL ANN DUFFY will be the last of these every-Friday PLAY READING GROUP sessions after 16 years!****TOMORROW at 5pm in CORNERSTONE****As Always Everyone is Welcome to read and celebrate great playwrighting*****And As aways there will be FRRREEE PIZZZA and POPPPP!****

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Hey!! Want to make $10 for just about an hour of your time??

We’re recruiting participants for a psych experiment – all you have to do is follow the link below, complete a quick survey, and then you can pick a date/time to come to Tutt. Then get $10!!!!! We have time slots every afternoon and most evenings. If you have any questions or if none of the time slots listed work for you, feel free to send us an email at processingconsumerproducts@gmail.com and we’ll work it out.


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The PEEPs (Prevention Education and Empowerment for Peers) are now holding open office hours in the Wellness Resource Center (Worner 226).

The PEEPs are trained students educators available to help you talk through wellness-related challenges and connect you to resources.

Drop by and say Hi!

Office Hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays during Block 6 from 3-5PM.

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I want to invite you to apply to President’s Council! President’s Council is a group of 36 students who meet once a block with President Tiefenthaler to discuss important issues on campus. President’s Council members act as a liaison between the student body and the President. I strongly encourage you to apply!
.The application is two easy steps! Please send your resume to vtorresiii@coloradocollege.edu, and fill out the online application no later than second Friday of Block 7, April at nam04.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fforms%2FIGNCB9Z5PVWszW4q1&data=02%7C01%7CStudentDigest%40coloradocollege.edu%7C2883dae75f844ef3d91d08d6b8c07a13%7Ccfc7b13c12964387…

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