Need to take a breather after a busy week? We know the spot for you! Board Game Club happens informally every Friday evening in upstairs Worner. Stop by tomorrow if you want to play a game or two – no weekly commitment necessary! We’ll be there beginning at 7:45pm. Feel free to email with any questions. Looking forward to playing some games with you!

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Philosophy 205:


Block 2, Jonathan Lee & Dennis McEnnerney – taught in Paris

Limited enrollment – only 4 spaces left!

Apply now for “French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to the Present,” a block 2 course offered next fall IN PARIS by Jonathan Lee and Dennis McEnnerney, by completing this Qualtrics application form:

This course explores the development of French philosophy from the interwar period to the present. Using the city of Paris as its context, the course examines how dramatic social and political challenges influenced the paths of French philosophical reflection, moving thinkers to question the foundations of knowledge, morals, and politics, leading ultimately to what might be called a “decentered” cosmopolitanism.

Live in one of the best, liveliest neighborhoods of Paris, and study philosophy where it happened and is happening! With field trips to relevant sites in Paris and class visits by contemporary French philosophers.

No prerequisites except curiosity. Taught in English.

The program fee will be $3850. Airfare and most meals not included.

Financial aid available for students with demonstrable need who applied for aid for blocks abroad on Summit by March 1st..

Enrollment is limited and by consent of instructors only. Consequently, all interested student must apply in order to to be eligible to enroll.

Questions? Contact Jonathan Lee ( Dennis McEnnerney (

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The CC Alumni Association Council (AAC) created and supports the Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leadership Scholarship, a loan-reducing scholarship that is designed to recognize student leaders on campus and encourage them to stay involved with CC after graduation. The application is NOW OPEN!

Recipients of this award are well-rounded students with strong leadership qualities and a broad outreach among their classmates, the school, and the community. Competition for the scholarship brings out the best and brightest of future alumni leaders.

This scholarship is open to current sophomores and juniors who are eligible for financial aid.

In 2019, three scholarships of over $6,300* will be awarded for use in the 2019-2020 academic year.
*Dependent upon fund corpus on selection date.

Deadline to apply is Friday, April 12, at 11:59 p.m. MST.


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Friday, Apr. 5, 12 p.m., Worner Quad

Join us as we celebrate the impending end of the semester and everyone who’s declared their major with sweets, treats, and sick beats! SOPHOMORES who present a copy of their completed Major Declaration (or pull up Banner to show their declaration) will get a free t-shirt! If you have any questions about declaring your major, shoot an email to Jennifer O’Bryant in the Advising Hub – she’ll be happy to help you out.

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Join Dr. Thushara Hewage, Assistant Professor of Anthropology as the University of Ottawa, today April 4 at 12:15 in Barnes Science Center room 407 for his talk “Rethinking The Problem of Sinhala Nationalism: Majority, Minority and Democracy in the Postcolony”. This event is sponsored by the Program in Asian Studies and the Department of Anthropology.

“Sri Lanka’s modern history has been punctuated by periodic Sinhalese majority pogroms against the island’s minority communities. This violence and the obstacle of Sinhalese nationalism poses to the resolution of Sri Lanka’s ‘national question’ of minority political rights is conventionally theorized in terms of the tenacious cultural hold of ethnic ideology over Sinhalese Buddhist selves. Questioning the adequacy of such models, my talk problematizes Sinhalese majoritarianism from a different angle, focusing on the predominantly Sinhalese Marxist political party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (People’s Liberation Front), examining the articulation of a Sinhalese constituency’s claim on the Sri Lankan state, and exploring its historical contingency. I suggest that this claim is less profitably analyzed in ethnic ideological terms. Rather, it indexes a problem of the secular production of majorities and minorities, integral to the operation of democracy in many postcolonial societies.

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Block 8, 2020: The Industrial Revolution in Britain , Ec 385, Vibha Kapuria-Foreman & Esther Redmount – taught mainly in London.
Economics as it is practiced today is born out of the Industrial Revolution. We will examine how the thinkers and innovators of the period from the late 18th through the mid-19th century conceptualized what was happening around them and explore the legacies they left behind in the cities and countryside of England. These innovations – intellectual and material – changed forever how we think about the individual, the choices we make, the roles of government and business in society and the very concept of well-being itself.

Students will spend weeks 2-4 in England, based mainly in London. There will be field trips to places of importance to the course both within the city and around London.
We will also build in “free” time for students to do some exploring on their own. The program fee will be $3500 (est). Airfare not included.

Enrollment is limited and by the consent of instructors only. For students to apply for “The Industrial Revolution in Britain, Ec385” a block 8 course, please email Vibha Kapuria-Foreman or Esther Redmount for more information.

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TONIGHT @ 7 in Sacred Grounds. Words That Heal will be a cozy and intimate event for survivors of gender- and other identity-based violence to share poetry and prose that they’ve found comforting in their healing processes. You can choose a piece and bring it, or pick from some selections that we’ll have set aside.There will also be treats!

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Another CPR class is happening this Sunday, April 7th, from 6-10pm in the ORC!

If you need to get certified in CPR & First Aid, may work as an NSO leader this year, or want to learn how to save a life sign up at the link below:

Please email me if you have any questions @

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Earth Week is coming up! It will take place the first week of 8th block (April 22-26). There will be a trash peak on Worner lawn, a lecture by Diana Liverman, the Regents Professor of Geography and Development, and tons of other events. Check out the Office of Sustainability website ( and social media (Colorado College Office of Sustainability on Facebook) for info and updates about Earth Week!

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