I Am Not Your Negro.

To compose his documentary film I Am Not Your Negro, filmmaker Raoul Peck mined James Baldwin’s published and unpublished oeuvre, selecting passages from his books, essays, letters, notes, and interviews that are every bit as incisive and pertinent now as they have ever been. Weaving these texts together, Peck imagines the book that Baldwin never wrote. In his final years, Baldwin had envisioned a book about his three assassinated friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King. His deeply personal notes for the project have never been published before. Peck’s film uses them to jump through time, juxtaposing Baldwin’s private words with his public statements in an examination of the tragic history of race in America

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Join Dr. Thushara Hewage, Assistant Professor of Anthropology as the University of Ottawa, this Thursday April 4 at 12:15 in Barnes Science Center room 407 for his talk “Rethinking The Problem of Sinhala Nationalism: Majority, Minority and Democracy in the Postcolony”. This event is sponsored by the Program in Asian Studies and the Department of Anthropology.

“Sri Lanka’s modern history has been punctuated by periodic Sinhalese majority pogroms against the island’s minority communities. This violence and the obstacle of Sinhalese nationalism poses to the resolution of Sri Lanka’s ‘national question’ of minority political rights is conventionally theorized in terms of the tenacious cultural hold of ethnic ideology over Sinhalese Buddhist selves. Questioning the adequacy of such models, my talk problematizes Sinhalese majoritarianism from a different angle, focusing on the predominantly Sinhalese Marxist political party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (People’s Liberation Front), examining the articulation of a Sinhalese constituency’s claim on the Sri Lankan state, and exploring its historical contingency. I suggest that this claim is less profitably analyzed in ethnic ideological terms. Rather, it indexes a problem of the secular production of majorities and minorities, integral to the operation of democracy in many postcolonial societies.

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Today, join brand strategist and social media expert Phil Pallen for a virtual session: Leverage Your Social Media & Live Your Best Life. Phil will teach you how to leverage these powerful tools to build relationships and attract opportunities.

When? 12:15pm
Bemis Great Hall
RSVP? Yes! RSVP on Handshake

Have a question for Phil to answer during his presentation? Submit it here!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3rd, we will have fun singing to songs in Spanish, Portuguese, and English! This will be a great time for you to relax, meet new people, enjoy with your friends, and leave all the stress behind. Aside from the mics, the big speaker, and the amazing company, we will have some snacks and smoothies!!! Place: Spanish and Portuguese Language House. Time: 8:30 pm… Hope to sing with you all! 😀

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Hey!! Want to make $10 for just about an hour of your time??

We’re recruiting participants for a psych experiment – all you have to do is follow the link below, complete a quick survey, and then you can pick a date/time to come to Tutt. Then get $10!!!!! We have time slots every afternoon and most evenings. If you have any questions or if none of the time slots listed work for you, feel free to send us an email at processingconsumerproducts@gmail.com and we’ll work it out.


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Tuesday, April 2 @ 12:15pm
Tutt Science 122 lecture hall
Thai food provided!

The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) offers a semester study abroad in Thailand like no other. Built around a block-plan like schedule, students learn directly from the people creating a sustainable future — organic farmers, tribal villagers, islanders and others!

Open to any major, ISDSI is hands-on and experiential, designed in collaboration with local communities in Thailand. Academically challenging, field based, direct learning – kayaks! Trekking and gathering data in forests! Staying with urban and rural host families! Learning about elephant conservation at sanctuaries!
Coursework in: Thai Language and Society, Sustainable Food Systems, Political Ecology of Forests, and Culture and Ecology of the Andaman Sea. Fulfills CC Language Requirement. Come learn more from Program representative Jonas Emery from ISDSI, and alum/CC student Koki Atcheson.

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This Block Spesso Espresso comes early! On Wednesday from 2PM to 3PM, stop by the Italian House for some pastries and coffee!
Additionally, if you would like to live in the Italian House next year and you missed our first Open House, you’ll have another chance to visit the house and check out the rooms. A mercoledi’!

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Shove Council is a weekly discussion group at CC, facilitated by the Chaplains’ office. This week we will be discussing “What is competitiveness? How is it viewed within the society we live in? Where does camaraderie and communication fit into a competition driven environment?” If you have competed in a sport, or are on a sports team at CC, we’d love for you to participate in this discussion. Tomorrow in Sacred Grounds at 12:15 (or whenever you get out of class) As always, lunch will be provided!

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This week the DAM Workshop series is pairing up with Innovation to offer a combined Illustrator and Laser Cutter training. This Wednesday, April 3, come to Cornerstone Media Lab 415 (3rd floor) to learn the basics of Illustrator and prepare a file (3:30-5pm). On Thursday, we will meet in Innovation to complete Laser Cutter training (3-4pm) and cut our files (4-5pm).

*April 3 (W), 3:30-5:00 pm, Illustrator and the Laser Cutter (Cornerstone 415)
*April 4 (Th), 3:00-5:00 pm, Illustrator and the Laser Cutter (Innovation at CC)

Please email mrubenstein@coloradocollege.edu with any questions or to reserve a spot. The entire CC community is welcome!

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