Open Classroom Lectures in Film and Media Studies
Tuesday, May 7, 3:30pm
Cornerstone Screening Room


Baran Germen, Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies
Lecture Title: “Dünya Güzellerim: Bülent Ersoy as a TV Star and Transnationalism in Turkey”

In this talk, I examine the emergence of Bülent Ersoy, the diva of Turkish music, as a TV star since the early 2000s. Ersoy’s hypervisibility and popularity in the Turkish mediascape in the new millennium, I argue, positions the trans body as the bearer and mediator of a new political sensibility in an era marked by the turn to the right. Through a survey of her various performances and personas on national TV, especially in the reality-travel show Dünya Güzelleri (2017), I trace the incorporation of the trans body into the conservative-nationalist politics of the state under the rubric of transnationalism.

Scott Krzych, Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies
Lecture Title: “Presenting the Presidency: Privacy, Publicity, and Hysterical Animations”

This talk considers several reactionary “non-fiction” films emblematic of what I term conservative hysterical discourse. Such feature-length documentaries as ‘Dreams from My Real Father,’ ‘2016: Obama’s America,’ and ‘Agenda’ mimic the formal trappings of traditional documentaries about presidents and presidential campaigns, particularly the convention in direct cinema to move “behind the curtain,” expose the day-to-day trappings of governance and campaigns, or simply put viewers in close proximity to the presidential body. In conservative films made to attack Barack Obama, however, such an emphasis on presenting the presidential body is hyper-attentive to Obama’s private life, both his personal affiliations and his physical features, fueling a racist discourse that treats Obama as both a predictable byproduct of his familial heritage and as an endlessly malleable enigma whose real intentions cannot be trusted.

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