XR Club will be holding a Beat Saber tournament on 3rd Friday, May 10 from 3-6pm in the Data Viz lab in Tutt Library 1st floor. There will be free pizza for everyone and potentially some prizes for the winner(s). The event will begin at 3 but won’t necessarily go all the way to 6, depending on the number of participants, so try to show up on time.

Sign up now through DM via discord @Galenius to RSVP or with any questions or sign up in person from 1:00-3:15 at the venue. There is no entry fee. Try to be there at 3:00pm sharp if you are going to compete, but spectators are welcome to come and go at any time. There will be seating and large screens to watch people on two Vives at once. Pizza is intended for people who will stick around to watch at least a few rounds. We haven’t determined the final rules yet but we’re planning on doing No Fail Mode, highest score wins the round, double elimination, and we will finalize the bracket by 3:15pm the day of the event.

Anyone is welcome to come be a part of this VR tournament and no prior experience is necessary. We can’t wait to see you there!

XR Club Vice President

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