The education department is offering a variety of new courses for non-majors. These courses target students majoring in psychology, sociology, feminist and gender studies, philosophy, and other disciplines.

Block 2: ED250 Classroom Management
Block 2: ED250 Intersections of Gender and Schooling
Block 3: ED250 Ecologies of Development and Learning in Early Childhood
Block 6: ED380 Curriculum Theories and Engaging Pedagogies
Block 7: ED250 Philosophy of Education
Block 7: ED250 Immigration Stories in Education
Block 8: ED250 Rural Education
Block 8: ED250 What is College For?

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As you are preparing to return to campus, please keep in mind that if your mail was being forwarded for the summer, we will stop forwarding your mail on July 31. You may start sending your personal items back to campus on August 1. If you are an incoming freshman, you will now find your Worner Box number on Banner. Please include your Worner Box number on all items you are shipping to campus.

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Due to construction upgrades at the Creekside Facility the Print Shop and PageDNA will be shut down until further notice. For all print jobs, please contact Centennial Reproduction Center at

For name badge orders please email Naomi Trujillo at Be sure to include the following information:

First name, last name, title, attachment (magnet, pin or clip), quantity, budget code, orderer’s name, delivery location.

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We invite you to meet candidates for the Assistant Director of Human Resources position on Thursday, July 18, 2019 and Friday, July 19, 2019 from 10:45 -11:30 a.m. in the Yalich Boardroom (Spencer Center).

This position will provide a full range of Human Resource services including strategic leadership for policies related to nondiscrimination programming and complaint resolution, and will serve as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for employees and athletics. The candidate will share what they see as trends, challenges, innovations facing the field of higher education in the arena of nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion; and how they can address them proactively.

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