The Film and Media Studies program is offering very exciting courses this semester. A selection of them are:

In block 3

  • Cinemas of the Middle East: The course is organized around units within a historical trajectory that involve works from the following countries: Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine.
  • Directing Actors for the Screen: Students direct and act in scenes from plays, films, and television in this workshop based course.
  • Media and Psychoanalysis: Considers the status of desire and subjectivity in the contemporary media landscape, a setting in which failure often has become a new means for success.

In block 4

  • Adaptation: Filmmaking from Literature: The course is to help students gain a deeper understanding of literature-film adaptation through lectures and hands-on activities, continually challenging the most fundamental questions in adaptation criticism such as literal fidelity and authorial intent.

Each course’s full description is available via the class schedule!

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