The Honor Council is now accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year. If you’re interested in joinning the Honor Council visit the Honor Council website to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Zach Klingner, at with any questions regarding the Honor Council or the application process.

The Colorado College Honor System was established in 1948 to promote personal responsibility and academic integrity. Founded upon the value of mutual trust between students and professors, it is an essential tradition of the college. The Honor Code applies to all assignments completed for credit, and any potential code violation is the concern of the Honor Council. The Honor Council is the student-run organization that maintains and enforces the Honor Code through educating the campus community and administering procedures to ensure fairness in academic work.

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Join Chef Ed as he talks about Seafood Watch, sourcing, procurement, preparation and cooking techniques. He will prepare sample plates of scallops, wild caught salmon, tuna and shrimp for the guests! WHEN: Thursday, October 3rd WHERE: Benji’s TIME: 5pm COST: $20 per person
Limited to 36 people. RSVP to Tyler Dexter at by 5pm on October 1st

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The Education Department invites first-years to a luncheon to learn more about what it means to major in Education at Colorado College. We will discuss tracks of study including outdoor education, policy and reform, diversity and equity in education, and teacher preparation. Because the major is designed to examine education as a civic institution, we invite all students with an interest in reforming U.S. public schools. Thursday, October 3 at 12:15pm in Mierow House. Please RSVP to Deb Mortenson at

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Who: For those interested in trekking through France, Italy, and Switzerland this summer July 13-24 staying in mountain huts and hotels led by professional guides. This is a classic challenging hike in the Alps that circumnavigates Mount Blanc hiking up and over mountain passes.
What: Information Sessions: MUST attend one in order to apply for the trip!
Where: Outdoor Education Center Boardroom
When: -Oct 3rd: 12:15pm
-Oct 10th: 4pm
-Oct 14th: 4pm
-Oct 22nd: 12:15pm

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Thursday, October 3rd, 12:15pm, South Hall Commons
Today in Mongolia young women and men are engaged via Facebook, hold cell phones, use cool sell dry toilets!. to off-grid communities of many cities and towns of Mongolia and even to nomadic herders. Not only their parents, but also their teachers could not comprehend that doing business on waterless toilets could be something a Mongolian man or woman can handle psychologically given the prejudice against even saying the word toilet (jorlon). With over 600,000 families urgently needing to change their dark, dangerous, dirty outdoor latrines, selling/installing/servicing toilets is a fast growing new business in one of the coldest countries in Asia. The start of such a new business is the result of a 23 month-long public education campaign, Let’s Change Our Toilets, led by Local Solutions, an Ulaanbaatar based NGO. Just two years ago, the word toilet in Mongolian language was a taboo and there was a strong prejudice against anything related to toilets in off-grid areas.
As the initiator and the leader of the campaign, author of the book, Let’s Change Our Toilet, Oyungerel Tsedevdamba will tell her story of breaking the taboo, undertaking a nationwide training on toilets, changing behaviors, and supporting the first ever toilet business cluster in Mongolia.

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In “Contemporary Poetry: Investigation and Innovation” we study the writing of a handful of contemporary poets by responding to it creatively: we will draw, write our own poems, do erasures, perhaps compose songs or take photographs.It all depends on the creative interests of the class members.

The poets we study include Ross Gay, Linda Gregg, Jack Gilbert, and CC’s new Creative Writing Professor and acclaimed poet, Nate Marshall.

EN280 is taught by Jane Hilberry, English Professor and Professor of Creativity and Innovation at CC.

buying new shoes

he sees the Nikes
boxed, beautiful,
hundred plus. he
hopes. he holds
the box under his
arm like a briefcase
for the unfortunate
business of being
told no

–Nate Marshall
from The Wild Hundreds

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The Film and Media Studies program is offering very exciting courses this semester. A selection of them are:

In block 3

  • Cinemas of the Middle East: The course is organized around units within a historical trajectory that involve works from the following countries: Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine.
  • Directing Actors for the Screen: Students direct and act in scenes from plays, films, and television in this workshop based course.
  • Media and Psychoanalysis: Considers the status of desire and subjectivity in the contemporary media landscape, a setting in which failure often has become a new means for success.

In block 4

  • Adaptation: Filmmaking from Literature: The course is to help students gain a deeper understanding of literature-film adaptation through lectures and hands-on activities, continually challenging the most fundamental questions in adaptation criticism such as literal fidelity and authorial intent.

Each course’s full description is available via the class schedule!

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