Learn how culture affects psychology and engage in a comparative study of cultural effects. Fulfills psychology major, general education (social inequality or global cultures), and Peace Corps Prep program requirements.

PY116/PA200 Cultural Psychology and PY408 Topical Seminar: Cultural Psychology

Course Dates: June 7-30, 2020

Course Application: Accepting applications now. Email Professor Emily Chan to get on the list echan@coloradocollege.edu

Financial Aid: Application window October 31 – December 2 on Summit applications page

Course Descriptions

PY116/PA200: Cultural Psychology. Introduces students to the theories and methods of studying culture and psychology. Focus is on psychological research that links culture to mental processes and the comparative study of cultural effects. Several topics are covered: development and socialization, self and personality, diversity and multicultural ideologies, ethnic and racial identities, bi/multiculturalism and intersectionality, stereotyping and bias, enculturation and acculturation, intergroup contact, motivation, cognition and perception, judgement and decision making, close relationships, emotion and mental health, and morality and justice.

PY408: Topical Seminar: Cultural Psychology. An in-depth consideration of the theories, methods, and the contemporary debates of studying culture and psychology. In addition to building a foundation of research that links culture to mental processes and the comparative study of cultural effects, student will have additional workshops to study details of cultural psychology methodologies, and will propose an empirical research project in cultural psychology, apply for ethics approval, and begin to collect preliminary data. Additional research trips with local researchers in cultural psychology to learn about current research and explore potential for collaborative empirical research.

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