TODAY at 5:15 pm in the WES Room, Worner Center

Architectural Taxidermy, Haraway’s Implosion Method & Full-Scale Drawings

In 2014 anthropologist Joe Dumit published “Writing the Implosion” in which he articulates a teaching-practice developed by Donna Haraway. An implosion examines the cultural strings knotting things, stories, and places – binding, for instance, your white-cotton t-shirt with plantation agriculture and posters of James Dean. As Dumit points out, Haraway’s implosion method reveals how deeply entangled we are with a dangerous world and in so doing produces a strong feeling of discomfort. This lecture will consider what kinds of questions it becomes possible to ask when feminist cultural studies implodes the work of architecture. By examining a series of full-scale drawings, I will offer a theoretical position replacing “agency” with “comfort” as a guiding concept to make sense of the world. Following Sara Ahmed and others, we’ll consider the “room-making devices” that produce worlds more comfortable for some than others.

Sponsored by the Art Department and The Conway Family Design Research Fund

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