NEW COURSE OFFERING–GR220: Afro-Culture as Knowledge Culture: Black Knowledge Production in Germany

Please be aware of this new course being offered in block 6 by Visiting Scholar, Artist, and Activist Dr. Natasha Kelly. “This course will place the past, present, and future of Black Germans in a global context through studying the life and works of Black scholars and activists W.E.B. Du Bois, Audre Lorde, and May Ayim. Our class will interrogate current political debates about race and the “racial turn” in Germany and challenge the supposedly objective nature of Eurocentric knowledge production. Drawing on narratives of colonial de_perception, we will critically examine the persistence of coloniality in German society and media. Furthermore, we will consider the role that coloniality has played in preventing the incorporation of Black knowledge into the scholarly archive and rendering a Black perspective on the world impossible.”

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