Alright everyone, break’s over!

So the last few hours of block break are dwindling to a close and I’m just trying to make them as relaxing as possible… It’s a little difficult when I think of everything I have to do tomorrow. The first day of the block is often the busiest day of the block for me. A lot of the faculty and staff that I work with have the mentality of “It’s the first day, what could you possibly have to do?” – which is a reasonable assumption. Until everyone who thinks that assigns meetings.

The good thing about this year is the wacky schedule of fourth block. Normally, third block break falls on Thanksgiving weekend, making the schedule look like this: three five-day weeks and a three-day week. But the block break fell a week earlier this year, inverting the schedule: a three-day week and then three five-day weeks. “What’s the good part,” you ask. Well, because we have a block break followed by three days of class and then thanksgiving, it’s like having two block breaks in a row. So, I’m not too worried about this coming week being too busy, because I know on Wednesday, I’ll be off on another break.

This weekend, some friends and I took a car trip to Las Vegas. Only one of us is over 21, so we didn’t partake in the sinful festivities. But believe it or not, Vegas can be fun when you’re under age.

The fountains at the Bellagio in front of Paris Hotel and Casino

A view from behind the Bellagio fountains facing the Paris Hotel and Casino.

My friends and I stopped in front of the M&M store to bond with the blue one.

My friends and I stopped in front of the M&M store to bond with the blue one.

Despite the environmental policy major in me crying a little bit from the amount of wasted water and electricity, it is rather exciting at night. We saw Zumanity – a Cirque du Soleil show (which made the drama major in me just ecstatic). The level of skill of the performers was just amazing. Beyond the shows, strolling down the strip is always a delight.

Despite the fact that I slept through most of the 12-hour car ride today, I’m pretty exhausted. I think a shower is due, and then a nice long sleep before class and meetings begin again tomorrow.