Block Break

My friends and I decided to stay at Colorado College for the Block Break, in pursuit of some rest and relaxation. With the Block Break winding to a close, I’m definitely feeling relaxed… but perhaps not so rested. Knowing that there is no school tomorrow is has proven to be the make or break point when deciding whether to watch that next movie at 3:00 AM (and the movie always wins).

Despite some very cold weather, there’s been some really nice sunny days. I can’t help comparing it to Canada, where cold and wet and dark are all married to each other and it feels like the sun only comes out once winter is gone. When I talk to my parents back home they always tell me that #1 it is raining, #2 is is dark and/or cold and #3 I should be very grateful to be in Colorado!

I think the highlight of my Block Break was going to Denver with a group of friends — we took the free shuttle from Colorado College down to the Frex station, and caught the Frex commuter bus for $9. Two hours later, we were in Denver enjoying a delicious lunch at a Parisian creperie (see the picture below). Even though I really like the food at CC (it is a massive improvement on the cafeteria at my old boarding school, where you could have deep fried your hat with the oil wrung out from the “lasagna”), it is nice to have a change every once in a while. I’m glad that there’s a big city nearby to Colorado Springs. After our French lunch, we hit the 16th street mall to do some Christmas shopping, and saw all sorts of interesting buskers plying their trades, including a man doing acrobatics with the sign to his Indian restaurant.

Today is Sunday, and fourth block starts tommorow. I’m very happy that I got into the class I was waitlisted for – Introduction to Macroeconomics – though I’m sure that taking the French course I was signed up for would have been great as well. I’m a bit disappointed my break is over, but I feel good knowing that Thanksgiving is only a few days away! I’m headed to Denver again to stay with my friend Jen, and I can’t wait to experience a true American Thanksgiving. At my house in Canada Thanksgiving has never been a big holiday, especially because we are vegetarian and so never have turkey! I’m not sure if my friend has told her parents I’m vegetarian, but I’m not expecting any problems; after all, my all-time favourite food is mashed potatoes. Three days!

My friend Judy with her delicious looking Crepe

My friend Judy with her delicious looking Crepe