A Brief Christmas Overview

With half block starting on Monday, I’m heading back to Colorado today. It was a nice two weeks to have all to myself (and family, of course). I finally got a change to catch up on sleep from second block and regain some weight lost through the numerous shows I was involved in last semester.

The second tree that sits in our dining room with candles on it.

So, Christmas was lovely – as Christmas always is. In recent years, my family has rekindled an old (German) tradition from my mom’s side of the family of lighting candles on the tree. This is a picture of last year’s tree sitting in the corner of our dining room. We light it during Christmas Eve dinner with my grandparents – and this year we sat and watched until the candles were burnt out all the way. It’s neat to watch, although it takes a little while.

For Christmas, my older sister is still the one to wake everyone up early for presents. Her fiancee was here for a week centered around Christmas. My family decided we didn’t really need much this year, which resulted in more clothes than usual (but they’re comfy). I did get WALL-E, probably the best Disney movie ever – on my list, it beat out Tron. Then, the traditional Christmas afternoon in my family consists of going to my grandparent’s house (on my dad’s side) for dinner with the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This visit is guaranteed to include receiving the annual Hess truck – I have one from every year of my life, plus some I think.

I have to go pack, but I’ll leave with this picture that was a present to my mom from the three of us. The man playing Santa seemed pretty disgruntled by this situation, but you’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap…

My dad, me, Santa, and my sister.

L to R: My dad, me, Santa, and my sister.

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  1. Ray Pointer


    I am preparing a video tour presentation for the Mecosta-Morton Area Historical Society, a non-profit 50c3 organization in Mecosta County, Michigan. This video is planned to be displayed at the historical schoolhouse that sits at the entrance of School Section Lake Park. One of the annecdotes told by a former student was related to the annual Christmas program where the Christmas Tree was decorated with lighted candles.

    We are seeking permission to use this image within this context with the courtesy of referencing your organization in the credits.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ray Pointer

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