Always busy, but always happy

With my departure now for China right around the corner I have been constantly shopping, making lists, calling people, and sending emails. Worse, I spend most of my time thinking about what I need to shop for, or what should go on the list or who to call, etc… So, as per my usual way of doing things, I am constantly busy. 

I have spent a lot of my most recent time shopping for new clothes. My wardrobe has needed a bit of a makeover. Most important has been some additions in terms of dress clothes. The program in Beijing I am enrolled in is a full-time internship. As of now, it seems I will be placed in a law-firm. This means my carharts, fading/tattered khakis, and scuffed brown dress shoes are no good. I have come into a lot of luck thus far seeing as most stores are having unbelievable sales. It has been a bit quiet in some stores–nobody is shopping right now. The economic crisis is very evident at the malls these days. 

On top of shopping, I have spent a good deal of time with a couple good friends. My really great friend from high school attends Northwestern in Evanston, IL, which is only about a half an hour drive from my house. I spent most of last weekend there going to various Northwestern events. I also helped set up and clean up a small fundraiser for a film he’s working on. 

Earlier this week, I drove down to Navy Pier in Chicago to visit with a CC grad from ’08, Molly Adams. She is working at WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio, for there new project called She showed me around the station today and gave me a good look into Chicago radio. We also caught a glimpse of Ira Glass as we perused the halls of WBEZ! We also held the Emmy that This American Life won. I hope to get down to the city again to visit her at the bar she works at in the city. That CC connection really is good to find!