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Hey Everyone,

Students are slowly trickling back to campus after spring break, and sure enough everyone has their own stories about adventures from break.  Although I didn’t have the pleasure of surfing in California or sipping daqari’s in Mexico as it seems most did, I do have a few stories of my own from SB ’09. 

Last year, the lacrosse team spent spring break in wonderful Colorado Springs.  Although I love it here, a change of scenery for spring break would have been welcome after a stressful 6th block.  However, this year, the Colorado College men’s lacrosse team had the pleasure of playing two defending national champions and a trip to Florida.  Although a tall order, our team stood our own and had two impressive showings against DII national champion NYIT and DIII national champion Salisbury. 

Some highlights from Florida include sunburns, bros, and a space shuttle launch.  However, most impressive were the mustaches our team grew for spring break.  Although not everyone can grow exquisite mustaches, most held their own for Mustache March.  There were all colors and mustache modifications, ranging from well-kept to handle-bar.  Without a doubt, we were the creepiest of any sports team flying through Orlando that week. 

Another block is upon us…

Until then, Onward!

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  1. Bryce Daniels

    That sounds awesome! My baseball team was in florida for spring break and I’m pretty sure you guys were in the same hotel as me. I saw a bunch of guys with Colorado College Lacrosse shirts across the hotel, just an assumption.

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