Spring Break South of the Border

The view of the main beach from our hotel room balcony

Looking back on everything, I’ve decided that this year’s spring break was the best spring break I’ve ever had. I spent ten days in Mexico, the first half with friends in the beach town of Acapulco and the last half visiting family in Mexico City. After spending 7 months last year in South America, I was desperate for a beach fix.

Chelsea and me with the divers after the show

Chelsea and I chose Acapulco because it’s close to Mexico City, safe, cheap, has a great night life, wicked waves, and gorgeous views. We spent our days on the beach, drinking congas, riding jet skis, and playing in the ocean. At night we’d go clubbing. We also had a chance to visit La Quebrada to see the cliff divers. These young men risk their lives to jump off these ridiculously high cliffs (several hundred feet up) into raging waters. They have to time their dives just right so that they don’t hit the rocks and die. It’s really exciting to watch. We picked an excellent time to visit Acapulco. For most of our stay, the city was relatively empty. Just as we were leaving, the rest of the spring breakers began arriving.

I arrived Sunday afternoon to Mexico City. I was able to spend a few minutes catching up with my Abuelo. When he saw me, he asked me what I had been eating. I’ve always felt really short here in the U.S., but I’m huge by Mexican standards. All of my aunts are 4’10” and weigh 95 pounds…so I, at 5’4″, seem like a giant to them. Everyone was amazed at how tall I’ve become. After spending time at Abuelo’s house, we met up with my aunt Tita and her children for dinner.

The Pyramid of the Moon

Since Monday was a holiday, my dad organized a excursion to Teotihuacan with several of my cousins. Just an hour outside of Mexico City, Teotihuacan is home to some ancient Aztec ruins, including the Street of the Dead, the Pyramid of the Sun, and the Pyramid of the Moon. These pyramids were built in 700 BC and the Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world. After we had thouroughly explored the ruins, we ate lunch at this amazing restaurant located inside a nearby cave.

Bere, Mari Jose, Sofia, and me at the convent

Tuesday I went to a pewter factory to order some formal place settings for my house next year. Later that night I went to a convent to recite the Rosary with my aunt Bere and two cousins Maria Jose and Sofia. It was a little tough saying the prayers in Spanish, but I caught on pretty quickly to Hail Mary. When I got back to Tita’s house, I was excited to see that my father had dropped by to eat dinner with us.

Wednesday I caught up with my aunt Pollo (that’s a nickname, her real name is Norma, but no one ever calls her that) and cousin Rocio for a delicious lunch in the posh district of Polanco where Rocio works. Afterwards, Pollo and I went to watch a movie at the IMAX.  Once again, my father was awaiting to eat dinner with me when I returned to Tita’s house.

Abuelo blowing us a kiss after discovering the mariachi band

Thurday was my father and my grandfather’s santo (or saint day). Your santo is the day of your saint’s feast day. For me, since Eve is short for Genevieve, it’s the feast day of Saint Genevieve on January 3rd. Because the feast day of Saint Joseph is on March 19, that’s when we celebrate my abuelo (Jose) and my father’s (also Jose) santo. In Mexico, your santo is a bigger deal than your birthday. You have a party and receive presents. It was very exciting for me to be in Mexico for this special day. A few of my aunts and I woke up early to serenade my grandfather with an 11 piece mariachi band. He loved his surprise.

My father with his sisters at the Santo celebration

A little while later, we went to the salon to get manicures, and then arrived at Pollo’s house for the celbritory lunch. Pollo is an excellent cook, and didn’t disappoint with her fabulous paella. We also had a ton of chicharron, queso fresco, the spiciest salsa I’ve ever tasted, and strawberries in cream. After the party, I went to pick up my pewter plates and hang out with my aunt Pame and my cousins Santiago and Maria.

Friday morning, my aunts, abuelo, and I went to breakfast to celebrate Pollo’s birthday. Afterwards, I had to go to the airport. My father and I enjoyed one last meal before saying goodbye, and then I was off to explore Duty Free. I was delayed several hours in Dallas, but I finally made it back to Denver late Friday night. I had the whole weekend to enjoy with my mom and catch up on sleep. The break was a perfect balance of fun in the sun with friends and catching up with family.

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    Looks like fun! I was thinking of planning a trip to Mexico in the fall. Your pictures have me leaning towards Acapulco now. The Pyramid of the Moon looks cool and I want to be able to bicycle. Thanks for the post.

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    I’ve heard much about the Mexico beach activities. Thanks for such a beautiful and lovable post on spring break…

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