This past week I had a chance to go to Baca for three days with my political science class Leadership and Governance. Baca is CC’s satellite campus about a 3 hour drive from Colorado Springs, in the beautiful San Luis Valley. It’s also right next to the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, where I hiked during my Priddy trip at the beginning of the year. It was fun to see the mountain I climbed from the other side!

The view on the drive from CC was gorgeous:

Sangre de Cristo mountains

I’d been to Baca once before on a spiritual retreat through Shove Chapel during third block break. This time was equally great — though we stayed in the townhouses instead of the lodge, which made it even better!

Our professor joked that you could major in Baca — well, in classes that went to Baca. There are some professors that regularly come down to Baca with their class, and not just professors of the social sciences. There is a physics professor that regularly brings his class down! I haven’t had the time since coming back to figure out if you really could do a major where you mainly went to Baca… but I’m very interested.

For the three days we were up there, we had a “leadership film festival” and watched a eclectic mix of movies including Norma Rae, Fog of War, and Twelve O’Clock High. It was really relaxing… we watched movies in the morning and in the afternoon went out and explored the surrounding area. One day, in the middle of a windstorm, we visited the sand dunes:

It was extremely windy. I felt like a character from Dune.

Despite the wind, we made it to the top of one of the dunes,  and used our cardboard boxes (taken from the nice people in Baca’s kitchen) to go sand dune surfing. It was wild!

Now, as I’m preparing to write my final paper for the course, I’m wishing I was still in Baca! And I’m still finding sand everywhere.