The Best of Both Worlds

Hey Everyone,

It’s hard to believe this was the last block break in the year and there’s only three and a half weeks of school left.  I had the fortune of having break off from lacrosse which meant one thing: the mountains.  Because of lacrosse, I haven’t done much spring skiing in my day; however, this year was an exception.  I skied closing weekend which felt more like high-season skiing though with 23″ at A-Basin on friday and saturday.  Sunday was a warm, picture-perfect blue day. 

I started the morning off skiing Breckenridge.  It definately felt like a last hoorah for most skiers with snowballs flying in lift lines and live music in the middle of peak 7.  However, I decided it would be nice to take advantage of the good weather and get a few hours of fishing in the afternoon.  Heading down 24, I went up through 11 Mile Canyon above Lake George.  I’ve fished there a few times before but I was surprised at how beautiful the canyon is.  The river cuts right through the large boulders and walls spotted with pine trees and all sorts of wild life.  The water was perfectly clear which meant spot fishing for the hundreds of brown and rainbow trout was as easy as casting right above them.  What a great way to spend a sunday. 

When I was in Chile, they locals boasted that it was the only place in the world that you could ski and surf in the same day.  I didn’t get quite as far as the ocean, but I did manage to get my feet (or in this case my waders) wet. 

As the weather continues to warm and the lacrosse season begins to wind down, it’s time to put away my ski boots for another season and bring out my fishing boots.  I need to get more practice fly fishing before I head to Argentina abroad in July.  In any case, it seems that no matter the season, I find myself making more excuses to head into the mountains.   

Until next time,