What’s the weather like at Colorado College?

What’s the weather like at Colorado College? This is a good question, and a pretty common one. In Colorado Springs, sometimes it seems like its winter in the summer and summer in the winter, but it’s almost always bright and sunny. Something you might read coming into the Denver airport is that there are 300 days of sunshine a year!

However, I think the best way to explain the weather around Colorado College is to show it, not describe it. So, the following are movies and photos taken from my seventh block break (April 15th-19th), four days that I spent on campus, around Colorado Springs, and in Denver. Check it out for yourself!

First of all, this is a link to a 30 second video of the weather I took on the second day of block break.


After a sunny morning on Thursday, it started hailing! (Which was fun to dance in) The sound in the background is the hail coming down. I have to mention that I took this video because I thought it was great that I could leave CC in the sunshine… drive to Denver in the fog… and return to a hailstorm!

Post-hailstorm, I went with a group of friend’s to a friend’s house in Colorado Springs. We woke up in the morning to this beautiful sight:

Friday morning!

Friday morning!

That evening after returning to campus we decided to avail ourselves of the snow and go sledding down a grassy hill that ended with the soccer field:

Me about to sled down the hill

Me about to sled down the hill

The funniest part was watching people go down the first time because they didn’t expect the bumps at the bottom!



And finally on Sunday, the last day of block, it was beautiful. We biked to Old Colorado Springs, which is about 15 minutes away from the college and a nice little areas with lots of restaurants and shops. It was so hot we stopped for ice cream, and a little shopping.

It's very hot!

Hot and tired

Happy after ice cream

Friends: happy after ice cream

So there you go: Colorado weather. Now, this block break was pretty extreme: but generally the weather is never boring here! And overall there’s more sunshine and warm weather than anywhere else I’ve lived in North America.

When I attended high school in Singapore, which is very close to the equator, one of my stepfather’s favorite jokes to make when he called me was to ask me what the weather was like. The answer was always

EXACTLY the same!”

This never failed to amuse him.

Ah how the tables have turned!

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