I’m not a freshman anymore?

Hello Sophomore year!

I am now in my second week of Probability and Statistics with David Brown.  I haven’t taken a math course in a few years, and David (who is hilarious) is incredible. He teaches his lessons so that even I can understand.  Even if I’ve forgotten basic math skills, he doesn’t tease or make fun of me.  He’s honestly there to help the students.  Regardless, it’s been difficult getting adjusted to the Block Plan.

Wait.  Let me backtrack some and talk about being a New Student Orientation (NSO) leader.  Each year, CC has an orientation for the incoming freshmen and transfers.  What makes this school’s orientation so special is the fact that all the incoming students go on service trips all over the Southwest.  I co-led (with my friend Eleanor) a trip to Santa Fe at a non-profit that works with families who are victims of domestic violence.  The group of 10 freshmen that were on this trip was so hardworking.  I really believe they wanted their work to make a positive in these families’ lives.

group photo

Every night during their NSO trip, my co-leader and I would lead discussions about their fears, their expectations, and the reality of college.  What was so heart-warming for me was when the freshmen were able to open up and admit that they all had similar fears.  For example, many of the freshmen had fears of the rigor of the Block Plan.  They asked, “Will I be able to catch my breath if I’m behind in class work?”  “Will I be able to do extracurricular activities, meet friends, and have a social life?”  I sat there with chills running up and down my spine, because these were my exact fears last year.  They sat there and I told them how it is possible; however, it’s hard to find your niche and rhythm first semester.  I mean, my first year was a roller coaster!  I wanted to do every club on campus (I joined 10).  I wanted to major in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences (I don’t even think this is plausible).  I wanted to be friends with everyone (now, I have a handful of marvelous and brilliant friends).

circle fun

Fortunately my second semester, I came to the realization that Colorado College (or any college for that matter) is meant to be the best four years of my life.  I don’t need to do everything  and rush.  I can just be Melissa Tran.  Who is a girl from Oklahoma and attends one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation.


So ecstatic for the year to come!