It’s 8th Block, Let’s Celebrate!

As said by a dear friend of mine:

“Springtime on a college campus is the epitome of all things beautiful.”

So true. And after a long winter, CC is the epitome of that epitome.

8th block has arrived, and though we’ve still got one more block until summer break, there is a distinct mood in the air, and it’s excitedly suggesting, “Let’s celebrate!”

Sunset on the rocks at Lake Powell.

Us being epic again.Perhaps we’re all coming off stellar block breaks, such as my 1,340 mile (we GoogleMap-ed it) journey around Utah with friends. Destinations included Lake Powell, Green River, Moab, and a wide variety of national parks and forests. Mayhaps we all have amazing 8th block courses. I’m taking Teaching Through the Arts in Education with the amazing Kris Stanec, whose Power of the Arts in Education Course I took last year. Today my explorations of teaching art included making a Matisse-style collage. I'd like to think it was a decent variation on this piece.

^I’d like to think that it was a decent variation on that piece!

Some of us are just happy that the sun is out and we are surrounded by the persistent magnificence of nature. Even if taking Organic Chemistry 2 (my question: why?) or frantically rushing to finish a thesis, all of CC can celebrate the simple pleasures of spring in a community where inspiration is all around us.


Put your hands in the air and say yeah 8th block!