Time Time Time

At first glance it seems so easy to blog. You log on, you write, you press publish. In reality, ┬ánot that easy- the writing isn’t hard, it’s the finding time part that keeps stymying me.

My world this year has been continually in flux. From August through December, I was at National Geographic Adventure Magazine in New York city, working 45 hour weeks and enjoying every minute of it. Then I was in Scotland visiting my family. Then it was off to Breckenridge for 3 months to work for a photographic gallery and telemark, a lot. Then there was my class in hollywood–utterly amazing- take the class if you ever get the chance. Now I’m in Museum Curatorial studies, and it’s eight block and sunny and beautiful outside. In less than three weeks I’ll be in Ravenna, Italy, with the CC summer program.

Where does the time go???

I know it passes day to day, but where does the cumulative go? I don’t feel rushed but there are still a million and one things I want to do. In the mean-time, I’m writing a Watson Application, enjoying the beautiful people around me, and designing a museum exhibition for my class. Blues and shoes is tomorrow, and Llamapalooza is next weekend, as is regionals for ultimate frisbee. So much to do, so little time, so many cliches- all founded in truth.

Be Present.