Garden Level Life

I am a self-proclaimed ‘blogaholic’. I will be the first to admit that during my college years, my blog reading has quickly become the perfect study break, escape, and my personal favorite, guilty pleasure. I am always impressed by how honest, whimsical, and witty blog writers are, and have found it easier to stay connected ‘behind the scenes’, always being the anonymous reader, never leaving comments, simply reading once in a while daily, and moving on. So, when we, as CC Admission Fellows, were asked to join the student blogging crew this summer, I was excited terrified. MY writing? On the INTERNET? Of which ANYONE can read? No way. But, here you have it. Enjoy. I am excited to see what you have to say.

As far as blogs go, here are some of my favorites (because I know you all were waiting with baited breath):

Brave New Words: The world travels of my big sis, Meg. Brilliant writer, brilliant girl.
Life Behind a Lens: The fantastic Denali Johnson, little person, BIG heart. Shout out, D!
Hootenannie: Miss Annie Parsons; singer, songwriter, and all around beauty.
The SHU box: A glimpse into the daily life of Sarah, a pediatric resident.
Post Secret: My Sunday morning tradition.
DOOCE: If there was a monarchy in the blogging world, she would be queen.

On tap for Summer 2010:

-Rachel and Jeremy’s wedding
-House sitting here, house sitting there
-Mom and Dad’s 26th wedding anniversary (holy guacamole)
-Megan’s 24th birthday
-APARTMENT MOVE IN! Pictures to follow…
-Boston to visit my lovelies, Emily Brenner and Amanda Saunders
-DISNEYWORLD with Mama and Meg Berry
-Fellowing with the ever fabulous Jacquie, Meg, Diego and Nate (also bloggers, check them out!)
-Tri training (tri season is upon us, people)
-Yogaing (I am well aware this isn’t a real word…but you get it, right?)
-Entertaining (=BBQing) with the sassy Meredith Smith

Fun, right? But I am convinced that this list would be more fun with:


And one of these.

A pair of these.

And this beauty.

I also met some kids who spoke Navajo today. Pretty neat. Okay, REALLY neat.

Happy Summer, y’all! Rock it out.