Play that (funky) music

I give credit to my friend Meg for her sweet music blog entry idea. And so, shamelessly, I’m going to copy her and share with you some of my fave music.

One of my two favorite artists, Laura Veirs,who happens to be the daughter of a CC professor, Val Veirs, is based in Portland, OR, and writes and performs music that I’d describe as indy-folk-rock. She has performed at CC and also in nearby Manitou Springs, sponsored by CC’s radion station KRCC. Her recently-released album “July Flame” is awesome, possibly her best yet, and features a number of gems including a song by the same name:



My other favorite artist, Lila Downs,

is a Mixtec Mexican-American singer who performs songs she’s written about the struggles of women, immigrants, and other groups in Mexico, in addition to singing and re-vamping classic Mexican rancheras and cumbias.

Lila’s song, “Ojo de Culebra” has by far the most plays in my entire iTunes library. It gives me chills.


Lila sings of the psychological chains she feels:

Se me cae se me cae, como a la culebra,

yo lo tiro yo lo tiro, todo este rencor

Se me caen se me caen, esas falsedades;

así yo me limpio también del dolor.

It falls off me, it falls off me, like the skin of the snake; I throw it away, I throw it away, all of this rancor. Those falsehoods fall off me, they fall off me; that way I cleanse myself of the pain.

I love this song so much that I sang it with my friend Juna (who just graduated) in CC’s mariachi band, Mariachi el Tigre.


Finally, my favorite-end-of-the school-year song award

goes to “Night Vision Binoculars” by Passenger. The pottery instructor at CC, Greg Marshall, always has Radio Paradise playing in the studio, and this song came on and got me hooked. The next day I had it stuck in my head and so I searched RP’s playlist page frantically to find it and was well-rewarded:


Click here to listen to Radio Paradise in your iTunes player.

Well, that’s all for now. Coming up: an entry about the house I’m living in this summer. Then, an insider’s guide to CC Lingo. It’ll be totes legit. I’ll catch ya at the libes. Later.