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The cool thing about the way we speak at CC is just that it’s like totes legit. Because we communicate on a completely different wavelength of the English language, below you will find a short introductory glossary to CCSpeak.

totes–adv. totally, completely. That’s totes legit.

legit–adj. from “legitimate”, cool, nice, good.

ColoradoSpringsMidSizeC Springs–n. Colorado Springs. Locals (such as myself) cringe at this misnomer. It’s Colorado Springs, friends, or, “the Springs.”

Pikes–n. Pikes Peak, our very own 14er (14,110 feet to be precise). Again, call it this way and locals will give you the look, and rightly so. It’s totes Pikes Peak.

clutch–adj. totes necessary, crucial. Man, that Chipotle burrito was totes clutch.

dank–adj. awesome (for food, delicious). So during our break in class today, I picked up a cheese bagel at Colorado Coffee…it was dank.

shred–v. to snowboard awesomely atop awesomely fresh pow

pow–n. powder snow. Wassup, broski? A coating of fresh pow at Breck. That’s what’s up.

Breck–n. Breckenridge- a ski resort, similar to A-Basin (Arapahoe Basin) and the Beav (Beaver Creek)

garden-of-the-godsGarden–n. Garden of the Gods, an open space near to CC characterized by its stunning red sandstone formations and its past as a holy place for the Ute Tribe. Referring to it as “Garden” will confuse and subsequently irritate locals like me. Sup, Nate Dog? Wanna go climb in the Garden? Wait, there’s a climbing wall in the CC Farm? That’s odd. Oh wait, you mean Garden of the Gods. Yeah man. Ok man, do me a solid and don’t call it just “Garden” ever again. Whoa, what are you man,  a local? Yes. Yes I am.

the Libe–n. Tutt Library

the Twomp–n. well-known off-campus house, home to LAX players. So…you wanna check out the Twomp tonight?

#### [insert street name]–n. off-campus house (eg 927 Weber) Whoa, that barbeque smells dank. Where’s it coming from? Oh ya know, the Carnivore Club is grillin’ it up behind 927 Weber.

Woogs–n. Wooglin’s Deli, located practically on campus. You hungry dude? Nah, man, I just ate a dank spinach feta quesadilla at Woogs.

King Chef–n. King’s Chef diner downtown, purveyor of legit diner cuisine. You hungry dude? Nah, man, I just downed a Half-Merl Scramble at King Chef. I even got into the Clean Plate Club and got the sticker to prove it.

Rasty–n. Rastall Dining Hall. Dude, what’s cooking at Rasty? It smells dank. Ah man, I heard the got all their produce from CC’s organic permaculture garden located behind Dicky C.‘s house.

511532079_53fa04ebc1Dicky C.–n. CC President Dick Celeste. Dude, who’s that snazzy-looking guy riding on the Segway? Dude, that’s Dicky C. Wow, he seems cool. Yeah, he’s totes legit like whoa.

Like whoa–adv. seriously. Man, I’ve got a hankering for some Hot Pockets. Like whoa.

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