The Incline

One of my goals this summer is to climb the Incline once a week. If you’re not familiar with the trail, it’s located about fifteen minutes from campus in nearby Manitou Springs. Formerly an old railway line built in 1907 to help in the construction of a hydroelectric plant, the Incline now serves as a strenuous hike for athletes looking for some pain. It’s composed of about 5,000 steps (or old railway ties) that stretch up the base of Pikes Peak. From the bottom to the top, you travel about 1.5 miles and gain 2,011 feet in elevation – it’s steep, but worth it! At the end of the trek, you’re treated to awesome views of the Colorado Springs area and the satisfaction of completing one of the most challenging staircases in the country.

Some of the best completion times I’ve heard of fall between 20 and 25 minutes, while mine hovers just under 40. I’ve never taken the Incline too seriously, but this summer I hope to get as close to 30 minutes as possible. I didn’t take my camera last time I did it due to a crazy Colorado rainstorm, but next time I’ll share my own pictures. Until then, enjoy these few shots of the Incline:

Courtesy of looking up the Incline.

Courtesy of looking down the Incline.

This is me and my friend at the top of Pikes Peak - where you'd end up if you kept going another 9 miles after the Incline.

2 thoughts on “The Incline

  1. Sarah Backer

    Hey! Very cool goal. I am an incoming freshman and am looking forward to the incline- have heard much about it. I am an exercise fanatic and love to hike/run. How do you get there without a car?

  2. Meg

    Hey Sarah- I’m glad to hear you’re excited about the Incline! There are a few different ways you can get there. Even if you don’t have a car, I’m sure you’ll make a friend who does- so you could either convince her to join you or borrow the car. There’s also a bus that leaves from downtown a few blocks from campus that will take you close to the trailhead. Or, if you’re like one of my crazy friends, you can run the 6+ miles there, do the Incline, and run back!

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