happy birthday America

One of the things we love most about summer? Barbeques. Fourth of July? …Barbeques. What a perfect day to go big with the grill – meat, corn, bananas, peppers and whatever else finds its way to that metal rack. Then of course add “potluck” to it all and pies, salads, watermelon and a beautiful array of salsas magically appear.


This year’s Fourth consisted of serious sun, food, porches and games. (And around 10pm a hailstorm.) The procession began at the big red house with the first barbeque, the backyard and tunes. We moved on to Yampa Field for Slip N Slide, soccer, Frisbee, and more lounging, music and meat. We found ourselves welcoming the evening from porches and pretty much forgot altogether the clock from then on.


Just a quick insight into our birthday celebration at CC! What a wonderful day to spend time with friends, eat delicious food and enjoy a summer afternoon..


Hope you all enjoyed your Fourths as well!