the aspens

“I like being near the top of a mountain. One can’t get lost here.”
Wislawa Szymborska

Colorado high country is known for its aspens. The beautiful, color-changing trees lose the green of summer leaves and take on a rich yellow hue in the beginning of fall – generally around mid-September. Travelers come from all over the country to watch the aspens turn gold, and to explore Colorado in car, on bike and on foot. Over the year’s first block break, a few friends and I went up to the Maroon Bells outside of the city of Aspen to spend some time outside and watch the colors change ourselves.

maroon bells

Though our original plan was a four pass loop, we ended up backpacking over Buckskin Pass and camping near Snowmass Lake, taking day trips away from our beachfront home. We were completely isolated and alone – surrounded only by water, trees, sky and 14ers. We passed afternoons lounging by the lake, eating trail mix and peanut butter, and mostly appreciating the peace and four and a half days to adventure in the mountains.


It was a great first block break and a perfect way to relax between classes, spend time with friends and breathe in some fresher, high-altitude mountain air. And, of course, to walk amongst the aspens as they changed color.