Elementary, my dear Watson

Six months, 45 books, five drafts, and incalcuble cups of coffee later, my Watson Fellowship application is finally turned in.  The Watson is an amazing grant given out each year to a few chosen seniors at select colleges around the U.S. In in a nut-shell it gives the recipient 25,000 dollars to complete their passion- whether is be saving emu’s in Uzbekistan or making a movie about skate-culture around asia; Pretty darn cool if you ask me. For a few of us at CC these past few weeks and months have been consumed by our Watson ideas. Researching, writing, mulling, re-writing, working out kinks in ideas, and getting contacts have many times trumped social time, sports and even class. When you’re competing against students all over the nation for the same money, you can bet your application (finger’s crossed) is a shining beacon of good writing and well-thought out ideas. Soooo anyways, I turned it in last month and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders- there was no more I could do besides hope to make it into the CC round and get an interview slot.

Two days later I heard from the committee that my Watson quest was at its end.  No CC interview, no National level, no 25,000 dollars, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars: done, finito. After so much work I was more than a little crushed. My shoulders sagged a bit, I retreated to the art studio, stared out the window, did a little moping. Then I remembered that, really, what the Watson is about is doing the grunt work, the research, getting the contacts. It’s about understanding what your passions, wants and dreams are. Its isn’t about the end goal. Getting the Watson is the icing on the cake, going out and accomplishing your idea on your own, now that’s a grand plan.

My Watson Idea- Why the Rivers Run Dry- a documentary by kayak of the people and places most affected by climate change.

Uganda, Zambia, Australia, India, Chile, Argentina, Thailand, Turkey