The Winning Strata-gy

When it comes to sporting events, I love to root for the underdog. At the College National Ultimate Frisbee Championship, we had the thrill of learning what it’s like to be that underdog, fighting our way up through the pack. Both our Men’s and Women’s club frisbee teams qualified for the championship tournament, a first for either in the school’s history. As teams from a small school, we were hardly expected to match the level of play of teams from huge DI schools like the University of Oregon, the Univeristy of California at Santa Barbara, and Stanford. Our women’s team, Lysistrata’s Tools (or’ Strata,’ for short), began the tournament seeded 15th out of the 20 qualifying teams and fourth out of the five teams in our pool. In our first day of pool play, we came out strongs and upset the #2 and #3 seeded teams in our pool. About 3:50 into this highlight reel, you can watch us keep fighting for our “Cinderella Story:”


Determined to keep our energy up, we finished out our pool play undefeated and qualified for quarterfinals after that strong win against UNC-Wilmington, the overall #3 seed in the tournament. It was great to be playing in Boulder – in addition to the beautiful backdrop, our sideline was packed with parents, fans, and CC friends who came out to support us with typical Tiger spirit. We faced a tough loss in quarters to the University of Michigan, who went on to lose to UCSB in the finals and take second in the tournament. While we would have loved the chance to keep playing together, we couldn’t help but be proud of the performance we put on for CC’s national debut. Not only did we play hard, we had a blast doing it. Here’s to Strata, all smiles after our final game: