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My Summer (Re)Reading List




(aka highly recommended reading by Melissa)

Simone de Beauvoir- Second Sex




Robert Putnam- Bowling Alone


Michael Pollan- Omnivore’s Dilemma


Another summer goal I have is to learn some French. I bought Rosetta Stone recently and plan to at least be somewhat conversational. I just can’t ask “pardon, où sont les toilettes?” all the time…

Summer in the Springs

This is my second summer in the Springs, and I can’t wait! This weekend I explored Territory Days in Old Colorado City (picked up some VERY early Christmas presents, new loose leaf tea from Organica Tea, and a sunburn) and next weekend there’s another festival in Manitou Springs! In between I’m enjoying the beautiful, non-humid  weather (I’m from the Midwest), surrounding parks and paths, and researching other activities for the summer. I’m going to see Third Eye Blind in Fort Collins ( this coming weekend (for $5!!) and Jerry Seinfeld in July at the Pikes Peak Center.

I also love to explore downtown Colorado Springs. Some of my favorites are Josh and Johns – a great ice cream place owned by CC grads, Poor Richards/Little Richards – an awesome bookstore/coffee shop/toy store/pizza shop also owned by a CC grad, and Nosh – a tapas restaurant that is great for special occasions or a fun night out ( My friends and I also just discovered a place that makes great bubble tea, a perfect addition to the summer. Also, around the Springs we are always looking for restaurants with patios (Colorado summers are perfect for outdoor dining).  People joke that Colorado Springs has more restaurants per capita than other cities, but for a moderately sized city, there really is a wide range of great dining adventures!

Summer in Colorado Springs!

Hello all,

Summer is here!  Today I will be moving into my apartment with Sandy (my roommate!)!!  She will be doing the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program at CC, which starts next week.  Oh, you didn’t know that CC had a graduate program?  I think it’s phenomenal and such an amazing experience–liberal arts, block plan/block breaks (! Can you imagine block breaks in graduate school?), student teaching (what else could you ask for?)!  Click here to check it out.

Speaking of education, I am interning with a professor at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs doing education policy research. I’m incredibly excited, and also overwhelmed. Excited, because this is exactly what I want to do in the future.  For me, education policy synthesizes my interests in the theoretical practice and the experiences of humans.  I know theories of inequality, but how do I eradicate inequality? Is it possible? Education policy, in some sense, attempts to help me find some of those answers. That’s why it’s overwhelming. It’s also overwhelming, because this is a peek into my future! I’m currently working on three projects!  ahhH!

I’m all about the good tunes–especially the Summer playlists–and wanted to honor the memory of Gil Scott-Heron who passed away a few days ago.

Long before Public Enemy urged the need to “Fight the Power” or N.W.A. offered a crude rebuke of the police, Gil-Scott Heron was articulating the rage and the disillusionment of the black masses through song and spoken word. (The Associated Press)



Enjoy your summer, everyone!  (I’ll try and update often and narrate my summer in Colorado.) Hopefully I’ll see some of you in the fall!