Sundays: The Melissa Experience

Every Sunday (more or less) for the past couple of years, has been spent downtown at one of two coffee shops: Little Rico’s or Pikes Perk.

This summer I’ve found myself more and more at Little Rico’s drinking their delicious herbal iced teas (summer is alll about the iced tea for me. I’m from Oklahoma, what can I say?). It doesn’t hurt that Little Rico’s is connected to the cutest toy store, an amazing used bookstore, and a delicious restaurant (they even serve gluten-free pizza and yummy veggie burgers). I love interacting with the baristas and the local crowd–great fun. For example, last month I chatted with a local radio DJ for hours. We talked about food, tattoos, Colorado College, and music. Little Rico’s is a quirky fun place that I highly, highly, recommend if you need to get away or get that quick caffeine fix.

Last weekend, however, I found myself at Pikes Perk. What I didn’t know was that there was a Bike Fest! Crowds and crowds of people in leather, showing off their motorcycles, going to different booths, and eating street food. I felt a little out of place walking through the crowds to get to Pikes Perk, but it was great fun.  As soon as I ordered my iced yerba mate, I went up to the patio at Pikes Perk and had to take pictures.

My Sunday ritual takes me out of the ‘CC Bubble’ and allows me the opportunity to pretend to be a quirky local. (I’ve also noticed that coffee shops, particularly Pikes Perk, are one of the most common places for that awkward first date. *this is a hint, future CC students!) I may be doing research or doing homework, but not being on campus really brings light to the dimension of space.  It reminds me that so many other things happen in Colorado Springs. It’s like exploring the infinite abyss that is neither infinite nor an abyss.

2 thoughts on “Sundays: The Melissa Experience

  1. Amy

    Hi! I am absolutely fascinated by Colorado College, and as nobody from where I’m from (Connecticut) really knows much about it, I was wondering if I could possibly ask you a few questions, because yours was the first blog I happened to come across (and I’m sorry this isn’t really relative to your post!):
    -Is the Block Plan optional or just a mandatory part of the education? And do people really enjoy it?
    -Do you find there are a lot of out-of-state students?
    -What are the dorms like?
    -Is the weather too extreme?

    Again I’m terribly sorry to bother, and I sincerely appreciate any help in advance, because even though I just finished my so sophomore year of high school, I know I really want to apply here!

    1. Melissa '12 Post author

      Hi Amy!
      I am so glad that you’re absolutely fascinated by CC. It’s truly a magical place!
      -The Block Plan is mandatory for everyone. Every single student takes one class at a time for 3.5 weeks. In some ways, I think CC is self-selecting. I applied to CC, CC accepted me, and I eventually chose to come to CC (specifically for the Block Plan). You have to keep in mind that the Block Plan does not work for everyone. You should come visit, sit in on a class, take a tour, and talk with current students about their sentiments. For me, personally, I love the Block Plan–I could not imagine learning any other way.
      -I believe about three fourths of the CC student population is out state. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from the South, West, Pacific Northwest, and so forth.
      -I think the dorms are pretty typical here (maybe not). Each room is furnished with a bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk and chair, and micro-fridge. First-year and second-year students typically reside in the three dorms (Loomis, Mathias, and Slocum). Some halls are themed: all girls, substance-free, gender and sexuality, and more!
      -I don’t think the weather is too extreme at all. You definitely won’t experience Connecticut winter! Three hundred days of sunshine with a lot of sporadic weather changes that aren’t toooo extreme.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

      Best, Melissa

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