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Children’s Literacy Center

For the past two years I have been involved with a local Colorado Springs non-profit The Children’s Literacy Center. The CLC provides free one-on-one reading tutoring to students who are below grade level in elementary and middle school. I began volunteering the fall of my sophomore year with a 5th grade girl who was at a 2nd grade reading level. Every Tuesday and Thursday and I tutored her for an hour, reading from the program curriculum, chapter books, and playing games. By the end of the semester she had grown tremendously and graduated from the program. The following spring I was introduced to a new student, a second grader, who I worked with for four months. In the summer of 2010 I worked part time as an intern for the CLC helping to plan their summer camp and organize their online book store. Because of this opportunity I was asked to come onto the paid staff and work as a Site Coordinator at Helen Hunt Elementary in the fall of 2010 and organize 12 CC volunteers each semester.

In short, there are many valuable opportunities around the Springs with local non-profits. The following are links to the CLC’s page as well as recent projects done by Colorado Springs non-profits.

CC students love to get involved and give back to the community, so there are also a number of student-run organizations on campus that are focused on service. The CC soup kitchen runs every Sunday out of Shove Chapel, Cool Science does experiments and projects with local elementary students, and Early Birds provides free reading and math tutoring in the mornings before class at Bristol Elementary.

Summer in the Springs

This is my second summer in the Springs, and I can’t wait! This weekend I explored Territory Days in Old Colorado City (picked up some VERY early Christmas presents, new loose leaf tea from Organica Tea, and a sunburn) and next weekend there’s another festival in Manitou Springs! In between I’m enjoying the beautiful, non-humid  weather (I’m from the Midwest), surrounding parks and paths, and researching other activities for the summer. I’m going to see Third Eye Blind in Fort Collins ( this coming weekend (for $5!!) and Jerry Seinfeld in July at the Pikes Peak Center.

I also love to explore downtown Colorado Springs. Some of my favorites are Josh and Johns – a great ice cream place owned by CC grads, Poor Richards/Little Richards – an awesome bookstore/coffee shop/toy store/pizza shop also owned by a CC grad, and Nosh – a tapas restaurant that is great for special occasions or a fun night out ( My friends and I also just discovered a place that makes great bubble tea, a perfect addition to the summer. Also, around the Springs we are always looking for restaurants with patios (Colorado summers are perfect for outdoor dining).  People joke that Colorado Springs has more restaurants per capita than other cities, but for a moderately sized city, there really is a wide range of great dining adventures!