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A Little Bit of Riddim (make the world go round)

Hey world, whatcha say? Recognize this dapper guy?


YES. This weekend my amazing friend Kate and I:

-Saw the one-and-only MICHAEL FRANTI (and SPEARHEAD) in concert

michael franti and band

-At the Belly Up…in ASPEN (win!)

belly up

-Stood front row center


-Blew kisses at the band (which were returned to us)

michael band

-DANCED ON STAGE (Kate played Michael’s guitar (!!!!) )…I played Kate’s photographer, cheerleader and back-up dancer

kate on stage

-Took 1,000 pictures to document

-Received cheek kisses and autographs by all post concert


-Accepted that our lives had changed and that our friends will never stop hearing this story


But really, if you haven’t heard of Michael Franti, or just need a pick-me-up in the music department CHECK HIM OUT. And if you have a chance to see him live…DO IT.


You won’t regret it.

Border Collie Brain

Good morning! In case you all (I’m hoping there are a lot of you) were wondering, I did not fall off the edge of the blogging world. I did, however, fall into the world of interviews and tours here at CC…July is one busy time in the admission office! I have met some pretty incredible kids from all over the country in the past few weeks, and whether it’s LA or DC, they are pretty impressive. I love the kids that CC attracts…and I’m sad that I won’t be on campus when these awesome students come to school! Okay, let’s be honest, I’m just sad that in a year I won’t be a CC student…

Because I have a grand total of three blogs in two months (wow, I better get my booty in gear) I am going to update you on my initial ‘Summer 2010’ list:

-Rachel and Jeramy’s wedding (June 14th) was a blast! Megan and I had a great time rocking our black dresses (yes, I wear BLACK to weddings…I wear black to everything) and heels, meeting up with old high school friends, drinking white wine, and dancing the night away to Michael Jackson. A favorite quote from the evening was “The Berry girls are really keeping this dance party going!” Mom and Dad Berry should be so proud.

House sitting here, house sitting there (May, June and July) was great. I spent the first part of the summer staying at Kari Kwinn’s (CC Assistant Admission Director and awesome friend) house in THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF. Seriously people, I have no clue where it came from or why I was blessed to sleep in this thing, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Amen, random bed gods, amen.  

I stayed at Horst (CC Men’s Soccer coach, and my honorary grandfather) and Helen (his amazing wife, and my honorary grandmother) Richardson’s house while they spend time in South Africa, going on safari and attending the World Cup (jealous!). It was great to have a house to myself, and to spend time with their sixteen-year-old cat Steiny. We became best friends. Ask Meg Seward…she’ll tell you.

A month later, I was lucky enough to be offered a room in one of my friend’s houses on Cache. Thanks to Kate, Hannah, Sophie and Geoff for opening up their house to me! I am lucky know such fantastic people.

And NOW I have finally moved into MY apartment! It’s awesome…and Kate compares my room to a Caribbean bungalow. It includes these wonderful treasures:

This amazing anthro hand-me-down:
anthro quilt

[image credit]


And this green beauty.

Actual pictures are coming soon.

Mom and Dad’s 26th wedding anniversary (June 9th) and Megan’s 24th birthday (July 19th) were fun! My mom spent some time here over the Fourth and both parents were here this past weekend…I am so proud of them. They have been together for 33 years, people! What an incredible testament to patience and work. I love them. Megan spent her birthday in Austin, TX, but last weekend finished her first half-marathon at the Broadmoor! So fun…and another testament to hard work! I am proud to have such a fun sis.

Everything else on the list is coming along nicely…and is including a trip to Aspen next weekend with Kate to see Michael Franti and Spearhead in concert! I am really looking forward to that…its going to be a sassfest.

Also, thanks to Sarah of the SHU box for your nice comment on a past blog! I was so thrilled to see that!

How are your summers coming along? We would love to see you on campus…Colorado summers are beautiful!

See ya on the flipside…

The Greatest Show on Earth

One of my fondest childhood memories is going to the circus with my granddad. It wasn’t necessarily the lights, clowns, and animals that stand out in my memory, but more importantly, a small, blinking souvenir that he bought for me from a walking vendor. It was blue and beautiful with a plastic tiger face and recognizable ‘Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: The Greatest Show on Earth’ tag. That fantastic night was the first and only time I have been to the circus.

So, you can imagine my great delight when, on my Tuesday morning walk to work, I saw the Barnum & Bailey circus train parked on the train tracks near school. People, the circus is in town! It has been so fun to walk past the train twice a day, observing the comings and goings of the circus crew. Every time I see it, it’s almost as if I transform back into my five year-old self.

[image credit]

I have a feeling I will do the same when us Berry women take over Disney World in August.

[image credit]

Happy weekend!

Be Present

I spent part of the afternoon on Memorial Day spoiling myself with a yoga class. We began our practice in a seated position, unlike the more traditional ‘child’s pose’, and our instructor encouraged us to:

Sit still.
Slow down.
Calm our minds.
Fight the urge to fidget.
Examine the backs of our eyelids.
Focus on breathing.
Be grateful that we can breathe.
Find contentment.
Be present.

And, more simply,




I found myself having a hard time with each task because typically, I don’t sit still. I like to GO, and I find that taking time to slow down bothers me. I thrive on productivity. I love having a schedule. I like making lists and I love crossing things off of them. And for me, sitting still was a tough task. But I know that I am not alone. And if you make a conscious effort to slow down and take time to focus on each of the suggestions above throughout the summer, the day to day will stop presenting itself as a race. My hope is that it becomes more of a breath of fresh air, because I would hate for you to miss this:

dew on spider web
[image credit]

santa monica shore
[image credit]

monastery window
[image credit]

simonos petras monastery
[image credit]

havasu creek
[image credit]

bering sea sunset
[image credit]

now, go and enjoy your weekend.

Garden Level Life

I am a self-proclaimed ‘blogaholic’. I will be the first to admit that during my college years, my blog reading has quickly become the perfect study break, escape, and my personal favorite, guilty pleasure. I am always impressed by how honest, whimsical, and witty blog writers are, and have found it easier to stay connected ‘behind the scenes’, always being the anonymous reader, never leaving comments, simply reading once in a while daily, and moving on. So, when we, as CC Admission Fellows, were asked to join the student blogging crew this summer, I was excited terrified. MY writing? On the INTERNET? Of which ANYONE can read? No way. But, here you have it. Enjoy. I am excited to see what you have to say.

As far as blogs go, here are some of my favorites (because I know you all were waiting with baited breath):

Brave New Words: The world travels of my big sis, Meg. Brilliant writer, brilliant girl.
Life Behind a Lens: The fantastic Denali Johnson, little person, BIG heart. Shout out, D!
Hootenannie: Miss Annie Parsons; singer, songwriter, and all around beauty.
The SHU box: A glimpse into the daily life of Sarah, a pediatric resident.
Post Secret: My Sunday morning tradition.
DOOCE: If there was a monarchy in the blogging world, she would be queen.

On tap for Summer 2010:

-Rachel and Jeremy’s wedding
-House sitting here, house sitting there
-Mom and Dad’s 26th wedding anniversary (holy guacamole)
-Megan’s 24th birthday
-APARTMENT MOVE IN! Pictures to follow…
-Boston to visit my lovelies, Emily Brenner and Amanda Saunders
-DISNEYWORLD with Mama and Meg Berry
-Fellowing with the ever fabulous Jacquie, Meg, Diego and Nate (also bloggers, check them out!)
-Tri training (tri season is upon us, people)
-Yogaing (I am well aware this isn’t a real word…but you get it, right?)
-Entertaining (=BBQing) with the sassy Meredith Smith

Fun, right? But I am convinced that this list would be more fun with:


And one of these.

A pair of these.

And this beauty.

I also met some kids who spoke Navajo today. Pretty neat. Okay, REALLY neat.

Happy Summer, y’all! Rock it out.