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How I chose CC.

After hosting accepted students during the April 2nd and April 9th Open House, I started to reminisce about my college process.  It delights me to think this was just last year.

I’m not going to lie.  As a senior in high school, I did not have the slightest idea of where I wanted to attend college.  Many of my classmates had romanticized the idea of college.  Students applied to very prestigious universities with a major already in mind.  I DIDN’T.  Something was wrong with me.  I wasn’t looking forward to the college process-I had no clue for what I was looking for in a college.  My parents assumed that I was going to apply to the major universities in Oklahoma.  Nevertheless, my teachers, friends, and college counselor recommended that I look at other schools outside of Oklahoma.  While I did apply to three Oklahoma universities, I also applied to six more schools.  Researching colleges was overwhelming.  Did I want a school in a rural or urban location?  What is your ideal student body size?  Diversity?  Financial aid?  Majors? Campus life?

These questions opened up a lot possibilities for my future.  The thought of planning my future as a 17-year-old scared me.  My solution for this dilemma?  Apply to a wide range of schools to insure that come decision time, I would have many options.  I applied to the medical research university, the religious-affiliated university, the engineering university, the pre-law school; a few schools in the South, Southwest, North, Northeast, the West; schools with predominantly right or left political views; and of course, liberal art colleges.  Come acceptance/rejection time, I was accepted to all nine schools.  I didn’t expect that to happen, because I assumed that schools would essentially decide if I was a good match for them.  There was no way that I was a “good fit” for all nine schools.  I realized the most important aspect of my future necessitates an interdisciplinary and critical understanding of society.  A liberal arts education would definitely fulfill the expectations of my future.  To make matters more difficult, I applied to two liberal art colleges-one of course being Colorado College.

I visited both schools.  First, I visited CC and knew I loved it.  The other school wasn’t the right match for me.  Essentially, I knew that Colorado College was going to be my home for four years.

I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but I wanted to go to a school that truly believed in a “unique intellectual adventure.” This school is unique-there are few like this.  Where else are you able to submerse yourself in one class at a time?  Where else are you able to be a philosopher, an educator, a theologian, a sociologist, and a feminist within a span of a year?  This school is intellectual–I’ve been able to take courses that I never thought I would love or interests that I am passionate about.  Without the block plan, I would never be able to experiment with different courses, start friendships with everyone in my current block (despite differing opinions), or share a common love for knowledge.  Overall, it’s been an adventure. Undoubtedly.

Seriously, don’t ever apply to nine schools.  CC is awesome.

When I visited CC last year.  It was snowing and cold!

When I visited CC last year. It was snowing and cold!