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Student Trustee's Corner

Hello, and an Update

Thank you very much for paying a visit to the Student Trustee’s Corner! I am so pleased you are interested in the student trustee’s role.

I wanted to provide a brief update on my preparation for the upcoming summer Board of Trustees retreat, which will be held June 25-27 in Colorado Springs. Unlike the board meetings that fall during the academic year, this  meeting is a retreat, where trustees have a bit more time to reflect on long-term goals and assess our progress thus far. To prepare, I have been in contact with the CCSGA executive team, who have offered their thoughts on student sentiment and important issues for students on campus Joel Begay and Samantha Barlow have been extremely helpful in offering perspective and reflections on their terms as student trustee. I am also trying to learn as much as I can about the library renovation process, as I expect the library to be a major focus for the Board this year. I am very excited to attend my first board meeting!

One of the most important tasks of a student trustee is to facilitate communication between students and trustees. I hope you’ll reach out and let me know your thoughts on Colorado College and the board. On issues ranging from the strategic plan to tuition rates, from the sustainability of our endowment to the future of the library, the board deals with issues of great significance to students.

Colorado College exists for students, and to a large extent, is funded by us. According to Colorado College’s 2012-2013 financial statements, 74.7% of Colorado College’s yearly operating budget was funded by students. The student trustee position provides an important avenue for students to have a stake in College governance. I am deeply humbled to be selected for the position, and look forward to our work ahead.