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Student Trustee's Corner

Student Endowment Discussion – Monday (11/12) 7pm Upstairs Worner

To be discussed:

-Survey results and thoughts on info session
-Student interest and getting info out there. This is a continuing issue and is something we need to think about sustaining in future years. How should we expend our energies here?
-We also need to think about the fact that a lot of people see the only problem surrounding the endowment as the fact that people are still complaining about it. This is also not necessarily a minority considering all the students who are silent or apathetic on this issue. Think of this along with the first comment and let’s discuss how we should go about extending our reach.
-Sustainability…socially responsible investing…What do these terms mean? We really need to nail these down before moving forward, even if we give it a shoddy first stab.
-A lot of people have cited or alluded to the hypocrisy element – our core values state one thing, our endowment practices say another. This is big sauce. What direction should we look at this from?

Places to Go
-What do we do about getting info out there, providing places for input, involving more than just students, etc? (we can think short term on this one too – a lot of people have been talking about getting speakers in and having panels, etc. One thing we might want to think about here is the diverging philosophical approach)
-How do we make this long term? How do we feel about a committee/group/etc? The big question is who.
-Presentation to the board on research on the performance of sustainable investments and what other schools are doing. That would be just after school ends in May. There is also the possibility of presenting to the wider CC community, etc. Results will be vital one way or the other and someone really needs to step up and do the research. This is very awesome. Any takers?
-What avenues do we want to consider walking down? What discussions/recommendations are we leaning toward at this point, if any? Let’s get them out there on the table. (e.g. reviving proxy voting, creating a “sustainably” invested portion of the corpus, picking and choosing “sustainably minded” managers, just educating those who are interested, redrafting our core values to fit our present endowment practices, asking Bristol to redistribute our funds only to companies that fit certain ‘rules’ or ‘principles,’ etc)
-Students have been asked for and really need to present a cohesive front. Meaning an answer to the above and a defining of terms.

Come share your ideas at the meeting or with a comment below

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