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Student Trustee's Corner

Student Trustee Dinner

On November 28th, a group of CC students and trustees enjoyed dinner together at La Casa Fiesta in Monument.

From left to right: Rafa Alonso Arenas, Bill Campbell, Flor Chavez, Kristen Wells, Bob Manning, Brian Thompson, Samantha Barlow, Sarah Perez-Sanz, Heather Carroll, Jacob Kirksey, Gianina Horton, Jack Wold, Jermyn Davis

Below are highlights from conversations on:

Online Learning/Technology

  • Students are strongly against the idea of online learning and feel that classroom dialogue and “the personal relationships between Professors and students” is vital to what CC is about
  • One student did bring up the advantage of online classes for students that experience emergencies that result in missing class time, but emphasized that computers should not replace classes and professors in general
  • When Jermyn told students about a consortium of colleges (Duke, Wake, and others) that have recently provided some online options that are somehow interactive between faculty and students and among students, there was still skepticism
  • Regardless, this is an issue of increasingly pressing concern that we are going to have to address within the liberal arts
  • From two students working in admission, they perceive that technological resources and services on campus are not a determinant in the college decision.
  • Some students proposed conducting “online office hours” between students abroad and staff on-campus (and vice versa) to allow open communication and the exchange of ideas beyond geographical boundaries.
  • The possibility of engaging students in online workshops to transition students from the liberal arts into the real world was also discussed. The only impediment is the time constraint under the block plan, and thus these workshops could  be conducted as adjuncts or over block break.
  • On a more general technological note, there is the realization that “keeping up” with technological advances is relatively impossible, but that it still seems that some basic needs are not being met. Smart boards and other adaptable resources could be helpful, and one student spoke of how microscopes in Olin are not up to snuff – students have to light their slides with other lamps.


Alumni giving

  • A “culture of giving” is lacking within the student body. Most students do not even think about giving to CC during their time on campus, nor understand its importance.
  • Alums want to see and interact with students (and professors) more, as this reminds them of the direct impact of their giving. Dinners and functions to facilitate this would be well received on both ends, as it’s also an opportunity for students to practice networking.
  • It was explained to the students present that increasing the culture of giving back to CC from our early years in college could be very useful to achieve goals such as need-blind admission


The Career Center/Post-Grad

  • Alumni networks and OurCC is great; this learning-how-to-network hurdle is a huge one for students to get over
  • Setting students up with internships and jobs directly (think PIFP) is fabulous, and everyone’s really excited about the new internship campaign
  • Students love advice from super-cool alums; they also want to hear about how many currently successful people fumbled around for a while directly after graduation
  • The idea of having trustees engage more in this mentor- type of interaction with students (individual and groups) while on campus was discussed



  • The importance of diversity, especially socio-economic, was discussed both extensively and passionately. Students would really like to see need-blind admissions.
  • Increasing the culture of giving back to CC from students’ early years in college could be very useful to achieve this and other goals


The Strategic Plan

  • A lot of students don’t know what’s going on, but perhaps this is alright. The avenues to pursue involvement have been highlighted to the student body, and the ones who care are engaged and interested
  • When asked for their views on strategic planning, a couple students felt that we need steps to create more community, such as First Monday. The intensity of the block plan may create a community of interest within a block class, but not with the rest of the students at CC or even with their own classmates. It’s fragmented. And every block, it starts over.
  • Students love interactive events and forums, such as dinners such as this one and town halls with Jill
  • Students commented on an equalizing of the CC experience between departments


The endowment

  • It is really a philosophical conversation that needs to be had… is divesting effective, can money within the free market be construed as “good” or “evil,” etc?


Library Renovation

  • Library renovation came up in several conversations. Students would like to see it become more dynamic and provide more study locations, as it can often get overcrowded (particularly lacking in group study rooms)
  • The library needs to expand not in number of books, but in number of places to work both independently and collaboratively. It could have spaces to study in isolation, while also having a cafeteria (that is always open!) and/or other social areas to offer students an opportunity to explore their academic passions and exchange ideas, all in one place.

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