National Renewable Energy Lab Visit

Last Monday, Dec 1st, Professor Rodney James and 12 students drove to NREL (the National Renewable Energy Lab) in Golden, Colorado.  We were given a hour long presentation that outlined research that happens at the  laboratory.  It seems that the laboratory is doing everything from looking at cutting edge solar power technology, hydrogen cars and even how to put cutting edge environmentally friendly technology into industry.  Also, the presentation discussed the sustainable architecture of almost every system on the NREL campus.   It seems that there are endless opportunities for applied mathematics in the projects at NREL.  Certainly, their summer internships will see a few CC applications this year.

After the presentation, the van went to a tasty Mediterranean restaurant to grab some dinner and discuss the presentation.

Year in Review

photo 1

Above is a photo of the Colorado College 2013-2014 SIAM chapter at our last meeting of the year (some members are missing).

This has been quite a successful first year for the Colorado College SIAM chapter from it’s beginnings to all the events we have had throughout the year.  Sadly, our original faculty sponsor, Beth Malmskog will be leaving Colorado College after this year.  We welcome Rodney James as our new sponsor for next academic year.

Congratulations to Melissa Jay for receiving the Certificate of Achievement for our SIAM chapter.  Below is Melissa Jay receiving the award from Beth Malmskog.

photo 2

“War, or Peace, or What? A Math Clinic Studies the 21st Century”

Dr. Loren Cobb, Associate Research Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, will be coming to give a math talk on “War, or Peace, or What? A Math Clinic Studies the 21st Century” Dr. Loren Cobb will be presenting the results of a semester-long mathematics clinic on predicting the fate of human society in the Twenty-First Century. The talk will be held in the Tutt Science Lecture Hall at noon this Friday, 3/28 and is open to everyone.  Everyone is welcome!


THURSDAY 2/20/14 from 5 TO 6 PM!  It will be held in the Mathias screening room (walk in, turn right down the hall from the lobby… look for signs). Be ready to watch some interesting math talks!  Bring snacks, bring yourselves.