The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published “88 College Taglines, Arranged as a Poem”. Seeing all of these lofty messages in one place reveals some interesting common themes, for example here’s a set you might call “Keepin’ it Real”:

  • Real Tradition, Real Success
  • Real Education. Above All.
  • Real Education. Real Results.
  • Real Life. Real Knowledge. Real People.
  • Real People Start Here

Or another set that attempts to answer the perennial question “What is education for?”

  • Education for Service
  • Education for Individual and Social Responsibility
  • Education for a World Stage
  • Education for an Inspired Life

We thought it would be fun to plug them all into a word cloud, resulting in the image below and revealing what is possibly the ultimate vague-but-lofty college tagline: “Education: A Real Life Future Success Dream.”


What’s your favorite?