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East Campus Housing Community

Frequently Asked Questions


How will apartment and room selection work?

Student Life staff are reviewing a process that is similar to the apartment and small house selection process with CCSGA in order to get feedback. Final processes will be published by mid-November, 2016.

How many apartment units will be available?

There are 13 eight-person apartments and 2 nine-person apartments in 4 buildings. 122 bedrooms in total, all of which are single occupancy.

How many small house spaces will be available?

There are 2 small houses in the project; each house will have 16 beds. There are 2 doubles in each house; the remaining bedrooms in the small houses are single occupancy. 32 spaces in total.

Who will be able to live there?

Like the Western Ridge apartments, the upperclassmen student apartments in the new housing development on East Campus will only be available for students who have a junior or senior standing. Students with sophomore, junior or senior standing can select to live in the 2 small houses within the new development.

When and where do we submit our bids for the new apartments if we would like to live there next year?

The Apartments in the new east campus development will be chosen during the apartment selection process, which is in early April 2017 and will be held in Loomis Hall.

Apartment selection guidelines, timelines and application deadlines will be published during block 5. There will also be information sessions reviewing the process, these are scheduled for February 20 and 24 in Bemis Great Hall.



What will the rooms cost?

Apartment rooms (singles) will cost the same as the Western Ridge Apartment single rooms.

Small House rooms (doubles and singles) will cost the same as other small house double and single rooms on campus.

We are currently reviewing all housing rates for the 2017-2018 year and anticipate a slight increase. Final rates will be published in March 2017 after the Board of Trustees approval in February.

Will the students living in the apartments be required to participate in a meal plan?

Yes, the requirement is the same as for students living in the Western Ridge Apartments (the Apartment Meal Plan).

Will the students in the small houses be required to be on a meal plan?

Yes, the requirement is the same as for students living in any small house.



How many RAs will live in the community and where?

We are considering a couple models consisting of 2 – 4 RAs living in the new housing development on East Campus.



Could you describe the sustainability features of the project?

The buildings were all designed to be high performance with very low energy/water intensity.  The mechanical systems are comprised of high efficiency ground source heat pumps with variable speed fans and pumps.  The heat pumps at the five buildings are fed from two separate ground heat exchanger loops each with twenty-one 400’ deep bore holes.  The heat pumps are monitored by our campus building automation system (BAS) and individually controlled at the buildings.  The plumbing system is comprised of all low flow fixtures and high efficiency gas fired, condensing domestic water heaters.  The lighting is all LED fixtures with individual control.  The building envelope meets or exceeds all IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements.

The community building will have a solar PV array installed during construction and all other buildings will be solar ready for future PV arrays.  The buildings were also designed to take advantage of natural light wherever possible.

We are planning to complete an EnergyStar certification for the buildings.



When will it be ready for student occupancy?

GH Phipps the General Contractor has committed to a July 1, 2017 completion date, allowing the college a month to furnish and commission the facility. It will be ready for student occupancy by August 2017.



What appliances will be provided in the kitchens?

In the student apartment kitchens, there will be 2 full size refrigerators and 1 electric stove w/ hood vents. In the small house kitchen areas, there will be 2 full size refrigerators and 2 electric stoves w/ hood vents.

What furniture will be provided in the common area?

Furnishings in common area space in the small houses and apartments will include dining table and seating for 8, sofa, love seat, chairs, ottoman, coffee table, end tables, and entertainment center.

What furniture will be provided in the student rooms?

A twin XL bed and mattress, dresser, desk with moveable pedestal and bookcase. Students can provide their own furniture, however, the provided furniture cannot be removed or stored outside of the apartment unit. For pictures of the furniture, please check out the menu link to the left.

Will there be a safe in every student room?

Safes will be installed upon student request via work order system. Furniture will be equipped with lockable drawers

Will there be a microfridge in every student room?

A microfridge will be provided for each room in the small houses.  Similar to Western Ridge Apartments, microfridges will not be in individual apartment rooms.

Where will the laundry room be located and how many machines?

A community laundry room will be located on the 1st floor of the community center with 6 washers and 6 dryers. Machines will be coin and card operated and pricing will be consistent with current campus laundry machines. There will also be a large table in the laundry room for folding clothes or studying.

Will cable TV be provided?

Basic Comcast cable service will be provided on the 1st floor community center TV and TVs in the 2 small houses. These TVs will be provided and maintained by the college.

Comcast cable TV jacks will be installed in the common spaces only in each apartment unit on 1st floor. Students in the apartments can contract and pay for cable TV services with Comcast.

What else is in the community center?

The community center is a two level facility. The first floor will have a community laundry room, large open space with study tables, a foose ball table and ping pong table. There will also be a large TV, screen and projector. The East Campus RLC’s office will also be located on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, there will be a smart classroom and access to a west facing patio.

Will the community center have food?

There will be no Bon Appetit food option in the community center. Food events in the community center will require Bon Appetit catering or an outside food vendor. Community Center will be available for campus and student events through the existing campus reservation process. There is no kitchenette in the community center, but there is a counter and sink in the laundry room.



Will there be a hammock garden and gas fire pit?

Yes, there will a hammock garden located on the north portion of the quad and a fire pit near the community center. Hammocks will be provided, but students can also utilize their own hammocks on the hammock garden poles.

Will there be an outdoor location to grill?

A built-in gas grill will be located in the quad.

What improvements to the street crossing are being made?

There will be a new traffic signal installed on Nevada near the crossing by Jackson House. San Rafael will be replaced with a beautiful pedestrian walkway and the Nevada median turn around at San Rafael will be removed. Cars will not be able to make a U-turn or turn onto San Rafael.

Are the landscape design, materials and plantings sustainable?

All plant and tree selection were selected by our grounds team. We selected these plants based of the master plan recommendation and the success of the plants and trees in other parts of campus. We will be incorporating 67 new trees, 401 shrubs, and 638 ornamental grasses to our campus landscape. All selection were carefully chosen to excel in our climate. We incorporated all native grasses, 6 types of native trees, and 95% of our shrubs selections are native. We were unable to incorporate any edible garden space, because of the irrigation water used. We will install a rain garden, made up of grasses and wildflowers. We will be diverting run off from the parking lot to supply the adequate amount of water for grasses and plants in this garden.

How will the landscape be irrigated?

In an effort to conserve our water resource, we chose to use non-potable water around the perimeter of the area. We will have to use potable water in the courtyard because of health restrictions around eating spaces.  We will be adding this system to our central control irrigation program, to monitor rain, wind, humidity, and soil moisture levels, so that we can properly water these areas.

What materials and colors are used in the hardscape areas?

All of the walkways will be broom finished gray concrete. The hardscape meeting areas will be 2” by 4’ stamped concrete Durango brown in color. The bike rack areas will be campus standard Tawny Pink 2’ by 2’ squares. Our parking lots will be asphalt so that they can be properly plowed.



Will I be able to use my gold card on the laundry machines?

Yes, we are planning to install a card reader in the community center laundry room.

Will there be access to lock-out keys?

Yes, lock-out keys to bedrooms will be at the Mathias Hall front desk. All exteriors apartment and small house entrances will be card access.

Will the buildings be keyless?

No. However, all exterior entrances will be card swipe, but your bedroom door will have a key lock. Lock out keys will be available at the Mathias Hall front desk.



When will the new parking lot be available?

The new lot just east of the construction site will be ready in mid-January 2017. The lot will be free, but a permit is needed to utilize the lot.



Will the community building be accessible 24 hours/7 days to CC students living on East Campus?

Yes, all students living on our East Campus will have 24/7 access to the community building to complete laundry, play table games and study.


Have another question? Please let us know!

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