UnBlocked Gallery: 2019|2020 Call For Proposals

The UnBlocked Gallery is an exhibition and teaching space within the Museum that supports sustained pedagogical engagements with material and visual culture. As well, the gallery provides a public window into the learning processes experienced by our students.

The Museum is accepting applications for UnBlocked Gallery in academic year 2019/2020, blocks 1-8. Faculty from all departments across the college are encouraged to submit proposals; those whose proposals are accepted will work in consultation with museum staff in Spring 2019 to develop and support their projects.

Potential UnBlocked Gallery projects have included (but are not limited to):

  • Display of objects selected from the museum’s Permanent Collection for class use;
  • Interpretive projects wherein student research and/or creative response to objects is incorporated into the display;
  • Presentation of student responses to other exhibitions in the museum, to the work of the Mellon Artists-in-Residence or other campus visitors;
  • Curation of mini-exhibitions by students as a course project;
  • Iterative display interventions wherein objects may be re-ordered to create new curatorial narratives, or student research is continually added and modified;
  • Creation of a gallery/laboratory setting in which research on the composition, history, or condition of objects is conducted and information shared with the public.
  • Evolving display of student creative work.

To apply please send a one-page proposal to Julianne Gavino jgavino@coloradocollege.edu by the end of block 5, 2019 (Wednesday, Feb 13th). Please include the following information:

  • Name & Department
  • Preferred contact information
  • Block(s) desired (UnBlocked is usually scheduled in two-block increments.)
  • Title and brief description of course. Please indicate if this will be a new or existing course.
  • Brief description of the project you envision for the Unblocked Gallery. How central would the gallery be to the course? In what ways would the Gallery meet your learning objectives for the class?

Please contact Julianne Gavino with questions at the email address above or at 719-477-4319

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