Exhibition Schedule 2021-2022

FAC Museum Exhibition Schedule 2021-2022

Due to the nature of our work, exhibitions are subject to change or cancellation. We will be updating this schedule regularly to keep it as current as possible. Please bookmark this page and stay tuned!


Ansel Adams: Masterworks (A, B, C, 1) Ansel Adams: Masterworks features a collection of forty-eight photographs from the “Museum Set.” The exhibition features examples that speak to the breadth of Adams’ interests such as architectural structure, natural landscapes, cultural sites, and portraits. Keywords: landscape, photography, representation, portraiture, perspective

Eugene Atget: Photographing Paris, 1898-1925 (A, B, C, 1) During his career, Atget photographed the vestiges of old Paris as the city was swiftly being modernized. He captured a broad range of subject matter providing insight into many aspects of daily life. Keywords: photography, street scenes, architecture, modern artistic approaches, documentary photography, nostalgia

Brett Weston: Working Towards Abstraction (1, 2, 3) With a distinctive compositional style, Weston employs high contrast with deep-black shadows to transform negative space into shapes. With a wide range of locations and subjects—from city scenes to explorations of forests and beaches—Weston consistently revealed its potential for abstraction.  Selected from the museum’s collection, the photographs in this exhibition represent a broad range of Weston’s work from the 1940s through the 1980s. These photographs along with a short film reveal insight into his artistic process. Keywords: photography, abstract, representation, scenery, exploration, landscape

Art of the Southwest: 1840s to the Present (Ongoing) A selection of artworks from the permanent collection by Indigenous, Hispana/o, and other diverse artists, and considers the influence of sociopolitical context on aesthetic innovation. Keywords: religion, colonial power, Pueblo community, Spanish and American colonization, art markets, capitalism, WPA, contemporary cultural expression, ceramics, painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, furniture

O Beautiful: Shifting Landscapes of the Pikes Peak Region (Ongoing) A survey of work produced by artists of the Broadmoor Art Academy between 1870 and 1970. Keywords: regionalism, Colorado history, expansionism, colonization, development, propaganda, painting, lithography, impressionism, abstract expressionism


Ronny Quevedo: at the line (2, 3, 4) Working across printmaking, drawing, and installation, Ronny Quevedo addresses diasporic identities, migration, and transnational connections. Quevedo will present a newly commissioned architectural intervention influenced in equal parts by his Indigenous Ecuadorian heritage and his family’s love of sports. Drawing on the abstract forms and diagrammatic renderings from both sites of play and sacred spaces, Quevedo’s installation will consider how the built environment facilitates communal gathering and congregation. Keywords: Indigenous knowledges, Mesoamerica, printmaking, drawing, mapping, sculpture, migration, identities

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