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Workshop History

The Workshops in Geometric Topology are a series of informal research conferences that have been held each year since 1984. Most have been partially supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.

Each workshop features a series of three lectures by one principal speaker. This format allows the speaker to give a substantial introduction to an area of current research in geometric topology.

Participants are invited to contribute talks on their own research;time is allotted each day for short talks by participants. In addition, there is ample time set aside each day for informal interactions between participants.

Below is a list of each workshop, its location, and the principal speaker for that year.

Year Workshop Location Principal Speaker
2016 33rd Colorado College Nathan Dunfield
2015 32nd Texas Christian University Wolfgang Lück
2014 31st University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Kevin Whyte
2013 30th Calvin College Pedro Ontaneda
2012 29th Oregon State University  Benson Farb
2011 28th Park City, Utah (BYU) David Gabai
2010 27th Colorado College Robert Ghrist
2009 26th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mladen Bestvina
2008 25th Park City, Utah (BYU) Cameron Gordon
2007 24th Calvin College Ian Agol
2006 23rd Oregon State University Ruth Charney
2005 22nd Colorado College Thomas Farrell
2004 21st University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peter Teichner
2003 20th Brigham Young University Martin Bridson
2002 19th Calvin College Alexander Dranishnikov
2001 18th Oregon State University Abigail Thompson
2000 17th Colorado College Robert Gompf
1999 16th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Robert Edwards
1998 15th Park City, Utah (BYU) Steve Ferry
1997 14th Oregon State University James Cannon
1996 13th Colorado College Michael Freedman
1995 12th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Shmuel Weinberger
1994 11th Brigham Young University Michael Davis
1993 10th Newport, OR (OSU) John Bryant
1992 9th Colorado College Mladen Bestvina
1991 8th University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Andrew Casson
1990 7th Oregon State University Robert Daverman
1989 6th Brigham Young University John Luecke
1988 5th Colorado College John Hempel
1987 4th Oregon State University Robert Edwards
1986 3rd Colorado College John Walsh
1985 2nd Colorado College Robert Daverman
1984 1st Brigham Young University none

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