As a prospective student looking at college and universities, Luis Quiles ’18 started his search by investigating institutions that paired high-quality learning with financial aid offerings. His findings led him to Colorado College.

“CC is a place of opportunities,” Quiles says. “Small class sizes, professors who take the time to mentor students, and staff who help students solve problems are some examples of how these opportunities not only exist but are accessible.”

Quiles has already encountered people at CC who have shaped his experience at the college. Paul Buckley, assistant vice president and director of the Butler Center, who taught a course during the Bridge Scholars program; Christine Siddoway, professor of geology, who sparked an unknown interest in geology through a field course in New Mexico; and education faculty Tina Valtierra and Manya Walker, who reinforced his decision to pursue an education major have all been influential.

Quiles also talks about alumni and friends who support the college philanthropically and pave the way for abundant opportunities for learning and growth.

“Alumni and friends who give to the college are part of our support network and they value the college as much as I do,” he says. “Through their giving they are sending a message: ‘CC is a place dedicated to our success.’”

For Quiles, these financial resources not only helped supplement the portion of a Colorado College education beyond tuition, but covered his entire cost of attendance through a mix of financial aid and the Barcelo Family Scholarship.

“The financial aid package was the deciding factor in my choice to attend CC,” he says. “I simply wouldn’t be here without it.”

On Generosity Day, March 31, Quiles was among the many students and members of the college community on-hand to express their appreciation to the people who make a CC education possible.